Racially Diverse Emojis, Now with Oriental Yellow!

True, emojis have been sorely lacking in the melanin department, and even borderline racist (the only current “ethnic” emojis are a dude with some sort of turban-thing, a guy with a mandarin cap, and one wearing a cossack hat)…so having the option to add pigment is definitely positive (as well as same sex couples and families).

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.33.57 AMBut Gawddamn, why the Asian emoji gotta be so YELLOW? Like, not even a tawny, golden, mellow-yellow hue…but fluorescent HI-LITER, jaundiced Hep C (shoutout to Puj D!), Pantone Yellow 108. Dude straight up looks like Pac-Man.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.34.16 AMApple countered by saying the yellow tone is intended to be “ethnically neutral” and apparently there’s a precedent for it this “default, non-ethnic” color (more on that here). Yeah ok, that may make sense in techie-speak, but this attempt at multicultural inclusion seems ridiculously naive and wack in the face of social and racial reality…sound familiar, tech industry? Oh, the irony.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.47.35 AMvia HuffPo

*Thanks to Puj & Noms for the emojinspiration


The “Yellow Line” in the ATL Will Lead You To CTown.

For the same reason why Chicago didn’t name the Red “L” train that runs through the Southside of Chicago the BLACK line, you don’t name the damn train that runs through Atlanta’s Asian neighborhood (Doraville) the “Yellow” line. Coincidentally, the Red Line goes up to a Native American reservation and the Green Line goes through an Irish Catholic neighborhood and the Blue Line goes to Pandora.

Calling it the “Gold” line doesn’t help either, cause its still a yellow hue. Why don’t you just try a different color completely MARTA (Metro Atlanta Regional Transit Authority)? Or you can always rename your Transit Authority the Kross Line Atlanta Network (or The KLAN for short).

Thanks ePanda, I can’t wait till we roll through Atlanta and take the “Gold” line to Doraville for some good sticky buns!

Friday Fuckery: Quiz Time!

This week’s Friday Fuckery comes to you from Yum Yum and is AznHeartThrob’s first entry into this weekly fun filled extravaganza! There really isn’t any commentary that can be added to this clip other than yea, I totally was thinking along her lines too…

Anne Geddes and Megan’s Law

When you ask me who single-handedly commits the most crimes against babies, one name comes up: Anne Geddes. I would like to give you a big BcB thumbs middle finger up for two reasons:

1. Finally giving us some color, thank you Asian baby Fiona for sleeping why the devil-incarnate, Anne Geddes, slips a butterfly outfit on you. But wait, what? She put you in a YELLOW butterfly costume? Out of all the colors in the rainbow (am I being too sensitive?) why in the hell does it have to be yellow? Cause you don’t know where the costume ends and Fiona begins?!



Anne: "Hmm, eyes open or closed? Whatever, I wouldn't know the difference anyway..."


2. Forcing me to join annegeddes.com to find this damn picture, which I saw YEARS ago and incensed me so much, I was just reminded of it today. Does your army of copyright lawyers spend 24/7 searching online for illicit digital copies of your images floating in cyberspace? Cause I couldn’t find NAN on Google Images. And hopefully AzN don’t get no email from your people about the image above…