This Year’s Recipient of sxsw’s HARDEST MF’ing ACT is…

… The Suzan, live from Japan. They came the realest, illest, and hardest at the Fool’s Gold party (located this year at Malverde, my favorite venue ever). The Suzan have two CDs, an EP: Suzan Kingdom and an LP: Suzan Galaxy. Check out this live performance of High and Low:


VietNam Band: Make Me Wanna Say What?!

I do not understand why two guys that look like this:

Probably love rhyming "Chevy" with "levy"

wanna name themselves VietNam Band. They win my award for “Hell nah do I wanna waste my time seeing them at sxsw”. The only explanation I can find for their band name is what I gathered from Wiki. Some key words from their bio: rock, soul, blues, Brooklyn, Vice Records.

sxsw Day 1

Not much to report back other than everyone here is HELLA nice and apparently from Oklahoma mostly. Or NY/LA. Went to another go-to bar, which happens to be the same go-to bar in LA/NY/SF:

Beauty Bar: Texas Style

I really appreciate how everyone down here drinks their local beer, Lone Star, which is probably the worst beer I’ve ever had. But I guess its the Texas-mentality of liking your shit more than other people’s shit. You wanna taste a bottle of Lone Star? Just buy a bottle of Miller High Life, pour our its contents, and then pour in one part Bud Light and one part Texas tap water (which is horrid), and there you have it. Enjoy! What else does aZn have planned this trip? A secret meeting with an Asian American prof and an interview with Maya, the drummer of The Colourist for BcB favorite: Made Jewelry. Stay tuned, depending on how much free Lone Star I can get out of party promoters (yeah, I’d drink it if it was free), this may be the one and only post on sxsw.

An acoustic set by The Colourist:

SxSW Part II

Today, AzN will once again venture to SxSW this year in the wonderfully amazing, most un-Texan city of all: Austin (don’t remind us we’re in the state of) Texas. Although last year’s trip included an “urban” ballet, romps with various American Apparel employees and more BBQ’s and steaks three grown men can handle, this year’s will be better planned, better (wo)man’d, and include actual direct flights to Austin on the infamous nerd bird (no more roadtrips from San Antonio or Houston). Also new this year, AzN will be joint blogging for Made Jewelry and P is for Props (depending on the content) live via iPhone. Although I can’t promise much content in the blogs, I can promise weird, creepy drunk tweets on the BcB Twitter feed. And for those of you not familiar with the great City of Austin, capital of the Nation of Texas, peep this trailer from a doc titled The First Echotone:

Stop Wearing A’s Caps You Hipsters!

Yes, I realize the very basis of hipster wear requires you to: 

A. Never, ever match any article of clothing

B. Dress like you don’t give a damn.

C. Wear articles of clothing conveying a message that is somehow ironic.


So the Oakland A’s green and yellow brimmed MLB New Era fitted is perfect because:

A. Yellow and green will (not) match pretty much anything you’re wearing other than, well, yellow or green.

B. Liking the A’s is like telling the world you don’t give a damn. Cause you watch games in a shitty stadium, you like rooting for a Yankees minor league club, you’re gonna do jackshit while your team moves to San Jose, and you prefer the action on the field rather than the whole baseball watching experience (can you tell I’m an SF Giants fan?)

C. Being a white hipster wearing a cap from a team in Oakland, California is as ironic as you can get with any official MLB wardrobe. Unless you start rockin Negro League gear.

So when I saw you, skinny hipster riding your bike in Park Slope with an A’s cap as a helmet, or you skinny gangsta hipster in front of Johnny’s in LA stepping up to me and my crew while wearing an A’s cap. Or when I saw you, white girl, at a Flosstradamus, Kid Sister, and A-Trak party at sxsw:

AzN: Yeah! Oakland!
White girl: What?
AzN: You’re from Oakland?
WG: Yea! Oakland, Colorado!

Understandably, the Colorado Rockies fitted is a little muted and civil servant to match your v-neck American Apparel shirt and plaid Corey Haim in Licensed to Drive button up top, but you gotta show some love to Bay Area folks if you’re rockin’ their shit. (I’m talking to your friends who looked like they wanted to give me a cold, refreshing taste of the Rockies).

So please. Buy a New Era Twisted cap, the ones that have your teams logo, but with the Oakland A’s colors. Like my beloved Giants fitted cap

Cause if you’ve made it on Vice Magazine’s Do’s or Don’t list, as a DO, rockin’ an A’s cap, then you are IT.


SXSW Favorite: Oakland’s Wallpaper


You almost had me on the floor when you said your drummer was from Viet Nam. But then I realized you only said that cause he was in a panda outfit. And then I noticed he was chewing on bamboo. Clever.

Call them a poor man’s Flight of the Conchords. Or The White T-Pains. But when you take two white guys from the Bay, give them auto-tune, and a panda outfit, this is what you get: 

Takes a lot of panda balls to open with a cover of the Isley Brothers’ Between the Sheets and mix in Biggie’s Big Poppa and end with Poison in front of a packed house sprinkled with record execs and industry people… But they DO hail from North Oakland (which, on second thought, is what the emo hipsters in South Berkeley claim when they’re trying to be street…)

But what made you guys was the auto-tune. How awesome is auto-tune? Kanye, T-Pain, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, they all kill with auto-tune. Its so awesome that I want to use the auto tune feature on my Mac’s Garageband and sit around all day with a microphone calling up friends, pretending to be T-Pain’s Chinese cousin.

Japanese Goth Speed Opera Metal Punk Pop at SXSW

Quaff vs. Geeks

Quaff vs. Geeks

SXSW was full of the same ish everywhere you went. Skinny jeans, skinny thermals (unbuttoned way too low), leather boots, and unshaven faces. Everywhere. Bassists, lead singers, and drummers everywhere. And All White. Minty fresh from their roadtrip in a rented van straight outta the Bowery or Echo Park. At the BBQ restaurants, the Quizno’s, Walgreens. Everywhere. So much so that Wired had to post a poll to see if people knew who was in a band or just a fan. But two bands stuck out. They owned 6th Street when they walked up and down. Both from Japan. One was a Goth Speed Metal Japanese Opera band (Quaff) and the other looked like a 90’s Punk-Pop revival band (Geeks). Tourists, locals, other bands, and us; we all couldn’t walk by without taking a picture and grabbing a sticker. 


Who wouldn't want a geek up their ass? Duh.

Who wouldn't want a geek up their ass? Duh.

Videos of live performances, if you dare: Quaff and Geeks.

Or DL an mp3 from Geeks and Quaff.