What Did Jeremy Lin Do?

Ever since JLin and the Lin family rolled to the Leavey Center for a Broncos v. Crimson game in 2010, AzN has been in full blown Linsanity mode. So for all you JLin fans out there who aren’t necessarily Laker fans (#DubNation represent) I will be conveniently posting JLin stat lines after every Laker game (0-5 and off to a great start y’all!) on the Asian American sports blog: datwinning.com. Peep BCB for some summaries of the best JLin games, but stick with Dat Winning for up-to-date stat lines cause we can’t be a 24/7 Jeremy Lin Show.

Also, thanks to High Expectations Father who kindly volunteered to give us a quote after each performance (to be honest, I didn’t ask, but my mom called me the other day and was like “High Expectations Father wants to talk to you!” so I drove out to the suburbs and, well, you know what happened next).

Thanks all! And remember, as Jeremy says, Jesus loves you! Unless you’re JR Smith, in which case, no one loves you.


Real Life Quidditch

Quidditch: Much cheaper than reenacting the Tri-Wizard Tournament

Real Life Quidditch: Much cheaper than reenacting the Tri-Wizard Tournament

Wait, what? Quidditch isn’t real? You’re telling me I’ve been checking the mail for my acceptance letter to Hogwarts for 11 years and I’m never gonna get accepted and therefore will never get on the Quidditch team? Shiiiiitttt… Well I guess I’ll have to resort to the second best thing, amateur college Quidditch. Bored with the mundane tossing and catching ofultimate frisbees, geeks in over 200 colleges have banded together to create the Intercollegiate Quidditch Association. No Joke:

Picture 1

They’ve got quaffles and bludgers and everything. And the Golden Snitch has been known to be a ball tied to a dog. Genius. So if you wanna play, you gotta attend one of those Old-Timey, 3rd tier Ivy League wannabe schools (I’m looking at you Middlebury, Vassar, etc…). Be sure to bring your A-game and your Nimbus 2010 (aka, your mom’s Dyson vacuum, painted jet black).

On a side note, I have a theory that they’ve been making Ginny Weasley look homely, only to unveil her as hot enough for The Chosen One in the last two movies: Buzzfeed’s “The Other Hot ‘Harry Potter’ Chick“.