JK POP! Ticket Giveaway!

To all our Seattle-area readers: Bicoastal Bitchin wants to send you (+1!) to JK POP! on Thursday, August 2nd at Barboza. JK POP! is Seattle’s only J-pop & K-pop dance party and it is good times! Just looky here:

Did you see that butt grab at 0:16!? This could be you!

To enter, simply follow @jkpopnight on Twitter and tweet:

“@BicoastalBitchn wants to send me to @jkpopnight for free!”

JK POP! will notify a winner on Wednesday, August 1st, so get your tweet in before then. You must be 21+ (sorry, kids!).

Full event details here.


Sakura-Con J-Pop Extravaganza!

Since the Asian Americans behind this blog don’t know shit about Japanese pop culture, this guest post is brought to you by special J/K Pop correspondent, lace front-wearin’ Sakura fashion model, and BCB Affirmative Action Fellow, Reese Umbaugh aka Bishie Reesie.

Beginning today, all of downtown Seattle will be flanked by cosplayers, otakus, and tons and tons of adults in Pokémon costumes. That’s right: It’s Sakura-Con weekend. For those unfamiliar, Sakura-Con is Seattle’s annual three-day anime convention held at the cavernous Washington State Convention & Trade Cener. Programming includes panels on everything from voice acting to Japanese cooking, RPG and tabletop gaming, fashion shows (more on that in a later post!), and J-pop concerts.

Much like my previous post on K-pop, I’d like to take a moment in honor of Sakura-Con weekend and share with you my 5 favorite J-pop bands, in no particular order:


If you are a fan of anime, there’s a damn good chance that you’ve heard a song by Stereopony. They basically have the anime theme song market on lockdown, having done theme songs for Gundam, Bleach, and Darker Than Black. They’re also note-worthy for being an all-female rock band, which makes them instantly badass. If you’re into it and heading to Sakura-Con then you’re in luck! Stereopony will be performing tonight at 6:30PM. Not able to make it? Good news, they’re also live-streaming the show. More info here.

The Pillows:

Man, I love me some Pillows. I remember being in high school and spending a hefty chunk of change to import this record from Japan. I’d blast it in my car on full volume with my windows down and other kids would stare me down. I finally saw The Pillows live in a shitty Seattle venue last fall and they blew my face off.


Originally formed in 2001, Perfume has slowly taken over the Japanese pop world. Recently signing on with Universal in order to release their music internationally, the girls seem poised for worldwide success. Fun Fact about Perfume: They formed the group themselves as teenagers, without being put together by a record company. This video stands as one of my favorites of all time.

Shonen Knife:

The song above is called “I Am a Cat”. That is all.

The Seatbelts:

Less a band and more a force of nature, The Seatbelts is composed of over a dozen members and helmed by the musical Goddess of anime: Yoko Kanno. Nothing makes me want to run in the opposite direction quite like the words “jazz band”, but The Seatbelts are so much more than that. They span genres, have songs in multiple languages, and make some of the craziest music I have ever heard.

See you in the mosh pit at Sakura-Con!

Friday Fuckery: Angry Birds on the Needle?

If you are a child of the ’70s and ’80s, you may remember the psychedelic and slightly freakish Serendipity Book Series, written by Stephen Cosgrove and illustrated by Robin James. That was some real hippie shit. With over 60 books, popular characters included Flutterby the insecure unicorn, Serendipity the soul-searching pink lochness monster thing, and Muffin Muncher (too easy).

In 1974, the world was introduced to a huge, hairy orange blob…The Wheedle on the Needle:

Unlike the other sweet, vulnerable characters, Wheedle was one grumpy bitch:

Wheedle is a large, round, furry creature who lived in the Northwest. Bothered by the whistling of workers first settling the city of Seattle, the creature was unable to sleep and became irritable, eventually moving to Mount Rainier to escape the noise. The Wheedle slept there peacefully for many years, his red nose blinking, until the region’s growth brought people- and their whistling- to his doorstep once again. In an effort to silence the noise, the Wheedle gathered clouds in a large sack atop Mt. Rainier, returned to Seattle, climbed atop the Space Needle, and threw them into the sky to make it rain. With their lips wet from precipitation, the city’s residents were unable to whistle, and the creature once again had some peace and quiet.

So basically, Wheedle was responsible for Seattle’s shitty weather, and a hardcore environmentalist railing against the encroach of urban development. Wheedle also basically summed up the philosophy of Seattlelites: We’re glad you like it here. Now please get the hell out.

Shortly after the book’s publication, Wheedlemania was in full effect, and the Seattle SuperSonics employed Wheedle’s curmudgeony ass as a mascot during the championship era of 1978–1985. Wheedle also became a mascot for local news station KOMO-TV in 1993.

Sweet moves, Wheed!


In 2004, the compilation Wheedle’s Groove: Seattle’s Finest in Funk and Soul 1965-75 was released, and currently a group of musicians from these original bands perform under the name Wheedle’s Groove.

But has the Wheedle’s position as Seattle icon and cranky king of The Needle been overthrown….by Angry Birds? Earlier this week, to promote the launch of the Angry Birds Space game, the Space Needle was turned into a 300-foot tall slingshot, brought to you by T-Mobile and Rovio.

photo: Rod Mar via Rovio

The only thing I know about Angry Birds is that it’s insanely popular, I suck at it, and I have a memory of being manhandled by a grown ass dude wearing an oversized Angry Birds t-shirt (unfortunate yet appropriate attire).

I’m not sure where Wheedle is right now, but this pretty much exemplifies his whole gripe with society.  I hope he’s out breaking off a chunk of Mt. Rainier to clamber up The Needle and pop that stupid ass bird with.

Wheedle 4EVA, son!

More enthralling Wheedle history here.

Friday Fuckery: New Miss Seattle Is ‘Annoyed’ By Seattle

Over the past couple weeks, the recently crowned Miss Seattle — Jean-Sun Hannah Ahn — came under fire for committing the most egregious sin in the eyes of native Seattleites…Complaining about the rain, gawdammit!

Less than a day after Ahn was crowned in March, a story broke about her very un-gracious online activities. Back in December, Jean-Sun had taken to twattering on the Twitter about Seatown’s glorious climate: Tweet No. 1: “Ew I seriously am hating Seattle right now… ” Tweet No. 2: “Take me back to az!!! (Arizona) Ugh can’t stand cold rainy Seattle and the annoying people.”

And the people stage-dived on her like she was a methadone/quad shot cocktail at The Comet Tavern. Ahn has since had to appear on numerous TV and radio shows to apologize for her foolery.

Guurrlll…I know you’re also a former Miss Phoenix and spent your undergrad at Arizona State, but if you’re gonna be Miss 206 you gotta be all: “Chilly and partly overcast drizzle with a 2% chance of sun break followed by moderate showers RYDE OR DIE!!” How you gonna claim allegiance to both the desert and the temperate marine climates? Sorry, but you ain’t no Missy Elliott. And in the words of the great Jimi: Castles made of sand fall into the sea, eventually. Or something.

If Ahn were true Seattle royalty, she’d just take a triple dosage of vitamin D and sit under a UV lamp, self-medicate in dank bars, and brood over what the point of life is anyway like the rest of us. DEAL WITH IT, GIRLIE. I demand a recount!


Sugar High From MiKandi

Helllll yeah! That 206 crew, make your Androids light up!

My buds in Seattle — Jennifer, Jesse, and Tim — have recently launched MiKandi, “the world’s first mobile adult app store” for Android phone users. Apple has banned “adult-only content” from the iPhone app store, but the MiKandi folks are also working on making their porny apps available to iPhone users.

MiKandi brings you popular apps such as — uh, “Jiggle Tits” and “The Ultimate Strip Club List”, and they’ve already received attention from HuffPo, Gizmodo, and dozens of other media. MiKandi also appeals to the developer, by offering them a way to market, monetize, and deliver adult apps to users they wouldn’t have access to via traditional channels.

Check out “I Got MiKandi” — a slick parody of “Like  A G6” — featuring Jen, Jesse, and Tim themselves (with cameos by CubicleJot & LG).

You can even keep updated with the latest news and apps at the MiKandi blog. There you go, tech-savvy preeverts! At long last, MiKandi is here to fulfill all your mobile, nubile, interwebs open sizzoid adult desires. Code it up!

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Friday Fuckery: Baby Got Book

Those who know me know full well that BGB is my muthaeffin ANTHEM. It was made so in 1992, when BGB went straight to the top of the charts for five weeks, and at the tender grade of 5th I vowed to do my part to honor and uphold the legacy of Sir Mix throughout all the land.

This song holds a special place deep in the cockles of my heart worthy of a stroll down the aisle to (preferably with the Mack Daddy himself. And that would make me Madame CBruhs-a-Lot. Pretty as a picture, no?).

And anyone who’s been around when the jam drops has witnessed me enter into a fugue state wherein I swipe the nearest mic out of an unsuspecting karaoke singer’s hand or start yelling and pogo-dancing along. I can’t help it. BGB puts a spell on me.

This is what you get. Sorry Mario.

I’m well aware this song is making a comeback, and all sorts of chuckleheads are jumping on the BGB bandwagon. I just watched THIS on the internets:

Ok, I admit it – it’s pretty fun in a totally lame way. The lyrics are clever, like “If you want the triple 6 thrown down, dial 1-800-READS-A-LOT, and teach me about those psalms”, and “She wanna get you saved  – like Amen! Double up – A! Men!” and “Ladies! (Yeah?) Ladies! (Yeah?) Do you wanna save people from Hades?”

But honestly?…NO. Weirdly charming as it may be, I shan’t be swayed by some do-gooders  from the pure, true message of this song: FILTHY, SINFUL, LUST-FILLED BIG-BUTTED SEXY TIMES! It’s a fucking tribute to the AZZ and the glorious owners of said AZZes and a big F You to beanpole dame beauty standards. Let’s celebrate it!

The BGB music video was briefly banned from MTV for its controversial, sexually explicit lyrics and imagery. But there ain’t nuthin wrong with a little booty…or a whoooole lotta booty! Get with it squares!

So hey Christian Rap — if you wanna be into eh-bay-bay jeezus and all, that’s fine and dandy — but don’t try to co-opt the social and political movement of Biggus Gluteus Appreciatus. We don’t need no savin’. Whup-pow!

via Buzzfeed

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Cops Make for a Violent Week in Puget Sound

I don’t know how much press this has been getting outside the area, but between the Seattle Police Dept (already plagued by a shady record of police brutality), and Puget Sound area law enforcement, there have been five civilians killed in the first week of September. Some wonder if the po-po have itchy trigger fingers since the cop-killing incidents over the past year.

One of the killings that resulted in much community protest was that of of John T. Williams, a homeless Native American woodcarver, who was shot because he was carrying a 3-inch (legal!) carving knife. Friends say he was also partially deaf, which meant he may not have heard the police’s orders to drop the knife.

While the ability to justify using deadly force probably varies widely depending on each of these situations, cops — especially in the case of John T. Williams — need to be better trained on how to avoid a policy of shooting first and asking questions later. A fucking shame.

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