Asian Americans One of Most Liberal Ethnic Groups in US

A recent Gallup poll reports that Asian Americans are:

Generally more Democratic and considerably less conservative than the rest of the U.S. population. In 2009, 61% of Asian-Americans leaned toward the Democrats, as compared to 49% of the total population.”

Only 24% of Asian-Americans lean Republican. 31% of Asian-Americans are liberal (compared to 21% of all Americans), 46% are moderate (compared to 36% of all Americans) and 21% are conservative (compared to 40% of all Americans).

So fuck those Crash and Joy Luck Club stereotypes that all Asian Americans are socially conservative, ideologically close-minded, cantankerous traditionalists who only look out for themselves and hate gays and pretty much everyone else. Most of us are left-leaning progressives…even radical revolutionaries. And that don’t just apply to the Cal grads — but includes me and you…yo momma and your cuzin’ too.

And don’t forget our legacies in the Civil Rights, Third World, and AsAm Movements.  With Asian Americans the 2nd fastest growing minority in the US (the fastest in SoCal) — and projected to double in size between 1990 and 2010 — ya’ll better turn out to vote and the Repubes better run for the hills.


Obama vs. the Birthers

In what can only be seen as further fractioning in the Republican Party, many voices in the Good Ole Party are starting to scream a little more loudly over Barack Obama’s literal “un-Americanism”. I wouldn’t bring this up, if it wasn’t brought up by Rush “prescription pills are Jesus’ Candy” Limbaugh and mentioned about in this NY Times article. Hell, we even have a name for these A-holes: BIRTHERS. They’re screaming for his birth certificate, which the damn Hawaii Department of Health already showed us:


So what more do you want? I understand you Birthers are out of topics to discuss and still bitter about the 7% loss in November. But seriously, who the hell is going to fake a birth certificate in 1961 for a newborn baby WITH THE ANTICIPATION THAT HE’LL BECOME PRESIDENT? You need the damn thing for jobs and a passport and all that crap, so he sure as hell didn’t fake one when he was a Senator in the anticipation that he’d be President. And if you think he did it back then to be an American citizen, you’re forgetting his mom, Ann Dunham, was from Kansas. How much more damn American can you get? The most famous person from Kansas ever, Clark Kent, wasn’t even born in Kansas. You wanna f’n debate how much of an American superhero Superman is because he was born on Krypton (nerd)??!!

So seriously, shout all you want about how un-American Barack Obama is, and question whether he was born in Kenya or in Honolulu. I’m fine with that, cause y’all are raging idiots. Just don’t come knocking on my door for a Constitutional Amendment when you Pubes want Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzeneggerto run for President.

Urban Outfitter Founder is a Staunch Conservative – What?!

I was going to start a new category called “Hipster Hypocrisy”, but I can’t imagine another blog post ever needing that tag… So bottomline is that Richard Hayne, Founder of Urban Outfitters (or “Dick” Hayne if you went to UPenn, where the founder started Urban Outfitters) hates the gays. Huh? You’re probably thinking back on your last trip to Urban and wondering if you saw a pro-gay marriage shirt alongside the Big Lebowski shirts (cause BL is the new Swingers for this generation’s hipster movie cool),  “Things Go Better With Coke” shirts (I get it, its Coca-Cola! Not, umm…), “Pittsburgh: City of Champions” shirts (I get it! Its hipster ironic cause Pittsburgh actually sucks balls!), or anti-Bush/Pro-Obama shirts (wh-what? I guess this is where the hypocrisy comes in! They even have the nerve to use a NY Times article clipping for the Obama shirt! urgh).

But the worst offense was letting shirts like “New Mexico: Cleaner Than Regular Mexico” pass on by despite all the racial steretypes and sexual innuendos that are typically on Urban shirts, but not allowing a Pro-Gay Marriage shirt to sell after one week on the shelf despite the fact that there was little negative fanfare about the message. The shirt just says “I Support Gay Marriage” in the obligatory all-over print, yet it was pulled from California shelves for only one possible reason: The Founder, tricky Dick Hayne. Apparently, he responded by saying the shirt was selling and threw in “but my CEO’s gay!” Right, cause after ONE WEEK you know the shirts not going to sell… 


But I guess SOME people knew all about this, cause in August of last year a group of “anti-hipster hooligans” destroyed the inside of an Urban Outfitter in Milwaukee.  But I get it. Fine. Dick, you were once a liberal when you graduated college. You originally named your first store The Free People Store. And some of us stay progressive, while others follow Churchill’s words: 

“Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.”

But this doesn’t mean you can sit up there in your office and sell us this Obama shirt, and this Obama shirt, and this Obama shirt, and this Pro-Communist shirt, and this anti-Bush shirt, and this “America: Under New Management” shirt, with nary a message that supports any of your own views and think I won’t call out your ass for being a hypocrite. 

BcB Opinions: Freddy O and the Great State of Texas

You betta watch yourself boy.

You betta watch yourself boy.


The following is a guest blog from Frederick Laurel Bartholomew O’Dowell II, American and Texan.

Hey y’all, Freddy O here, or you can just call me Tex if you’re a cowboy or cowgirl out in Terrell, Texas! Yippee-Kay-Yay muthaf’as!

I wanted to write up what you liberal NY Times readin’ douchebags here at BcB would call an ed-torial. I ain’t all about learnin’ much, but I did go to collage on a full ride as a linebacker (GO AGGIES!).  I ain’t gonna brag much either, but I was the best they ever had. And don’t give me that Dat Nguyen was the best Texas A&M ever had BS. Dick Butkus award my ass. He was Bill Parcell’s little bitch for the Cowboys. I’m talking a REAL linebacker. A “blitz all the f’n time no matter what coach said” kinda linebacker.

Like I said, although I spent much of my collage life taking Sports Psychology classes and chasing cheerleaders (oooh Chrissy, I miss them milky thighs!) I wanted to say I’m glad as hell a God fearing Republican like good ‘ole Betty Brown spoke up ‘gainst the ‘ignant immigrant ching chong wannabe Texans that think they have the right to vote just cause they were born here or became citizens cause they know who the first President of the US of A was (Benjamin Franklin to you a-holes) or what the D.C. in Washington, D.C. stands for (Democratic City you water buffalo jockies). God bless you Betty Brown and your All-American name (would you believe me and Betty comes from the same town? What are them odds? She even in my wife’s small group on Tuesdays and Thursdays and her husband’s in my yearly huntin’ cabin trip up in Montana!). Being American and voting is a privilege, not a right. A privilege blessed (by Jesus) on God fearing Johns, and Michaels, and Pauls, and Matthews and Josephs. I’m talking Americans with real names, New Testament names, Jesus’ disciples names. Not names like Ezekiel, Micah, Leviticus, or Hoseah — cut that Old Testament Jew shit out! If the saint you were named after weren’t in Jesus’ fishing boat, I don’t want your name on a voting ballot, cause you ain’t gonna vote Republican.  It ain’t voter suppression down here in Texas if we call it “Proactive Republican Accessibility Prioritization Encouragement” or Pro-RAPE for short. It’s right as rain we sent a lady from Terrell, North Texas down to liberal, Sodom and Gomorrah ass lickin’, “I don’t wanna marry the opposite sex”, sure as Armageddon they going to Hell in a handbag, I can’t f’n believe our beautiful state’s capital is in Austin Goddamn Texas. I’m pretty Goddamn sure I saw a Black and Chinese holding hands on 6th Street the last time I was there when mah son registered for the Marines at the state capitol building!

We need her down there to fix things up like we need to fix immigration laws in the Great State of Texas (give me a shotgun and a list of Chins in a Chinaman phonebook and I’ll fix your Goddamn immigration laws Broke Obama). Maybe then so-called football players named Dat Nguyen can stop breakin’ all the Goddamn records I set as the best Goddamn middle linebacker College Park, Texas has ever seen! Cause Dat Nguyen needs to get a fixin’ and make his name into something more ‘propriate for Texas and easier on my tongue like “That Win”. Sounds the same. Maybe then he can quit crying “my neck hurts so much I gotta retire” and just MAYBE play for the greatest football team ever, my Houston Texans! OOOOOhh-WEEEEE! Won’t that be the day! On second thought, I don’t know if I want ‘nother miNOrity on my beloved Texans (notice how I put the word NO into minority? It’s a play on them words, I tell ya!)

God Bless You (You know who You are).

Freddy O. 

PS. Please contact the lovely Betty Brown with the following contact information to tell her what a great job she’s doing! Don’t listen to them Communists and their whining (I didn’t even KNOW there were Dems in Texas?!)


Capitol Office Phone:  (512) 463-0458

District Office Phone:  (903) 675-9500

Capitol Address:  Room E1.404, Capitol Extension, Austin, TX 78701

District Address:  108 S. Pinkerton, Suite 105, Athens, TX 75751

Joseph Cao-R, Representative for New Orleans


He actually reminds me of my Dad, who coincidentally shares almost all the same political values...

He actually reminds me of my Dad, who coincidentally shares almost all the same political values, but gladly, not the same tie knotting skills.

Anh “Joseph” Cao became the first Vietnamese-American Representative in the House this week. First of all, congrats my Viet brother. But brotherhood aside, I don’t know anything about this guy, and I know you guys don’t either. So I read up on him, and here are my thoughts.

First off, I’m completely biased against people that change their names from an ethnic one to an Anglo one. So let’s get that out of the way. Anh “Joseph” Cao, Hieu “Kate” Cao and their daughter Sophia are pictured above. Is it so bad to have an ethnic name there, Anh and Hieu?

My second problem with him is of course, he’s a Republican. He ran in 2006 as an independent, but according to, he ran as an independent for strictly political reasons:

“Though Cao described himself as a longtime Republican — he opposes abortion, supports school vouchers and wants to shrink the size of government — he ran as an independent. He concedes it a matter of “political maneuvering” in an effort to appeal to the district’s mostly Democratic electorate.” 

Political Maneuvering?!! It’s rather disingenuous to run for a party that you don’t really share ideals with. But this time around, Cao ran as a Republican, and straight up won. Although his competition was probably the easiest person to beat considering William Jefferson, the incumbent Democrat, was charged with 16 counts of racketeering, bribery, money laundering and obstruction of justice. On top of all that, dude had $90,000 in cash stashed in one of his freezers. I don’t even know anyone with MULTIPLE freezers!? The other two candidates were Libertarian Party candidate Gregory Kahn and Green Party candidate Malik Rahim. And I don’t see the people of a metro city like NOLA voting for a Libertarian candidate and I don’t see any Southern city voting for a Malik Rahim…

But the weakest thing about this guy is his hypocrisy. In his words:

“I also hope that many of our young people will consider being more politically active and being move involved in the community. Because as you can see, really anything can happen.”

And then in the same damn article on CNN, probably because he’s a newbie to the political scene, he says the following:

“We were hoping for a low turnout because it would provide us with the greater chance of winning,” said Cao, a lawyer and community activist. “Based on the demographics of the district, a high voter turnout would have gone to our disadvantage.”

WE WERE HOPING FOR A LOW TURNOUT??? In a case of stating the obvious when you really shouldn’t be (Oscar de la Hoya saying he EXPECTED to lose to Pacquiao comes to mind)… Maybe the young people he was referring to were Young Republicans? We all know Republicans have a considerable advantage when voter turnout is low, due to hardships with the physical voting process (usually hurting the Democrat voter, rather than the Republican one)… But come on, don’t start off your career with this kind of rhetoric.

Which leads me to the most important question. If a politician wins because of a very low voter turnout, due to natural reasons- Hurricane Gustav caused the postponement of the election for one month (this wasn’t voter suppression people, although the effects are still the same), does he truly represent the people? Cao’s district is predominantly African-American and pretty much Democrat territory. One of the reasons he won was due to the white voter turnout, which came in at  2-1 over the African-American vote count. So the question is, can Cao represent the people in his district and serve their needs?

Plus, there’s this, from the NY Times. Apparently Cao forgot the fact that McCain hates gooks, although he’s one of the Viets that might argue it was the gooks that put his father in reeducation camp. 

“Mr. Cao said he admired Mr. Obama’s opponent in the presidential campaign, Senator John McCain, for whom he was a delegate at the Republican convention.”

Now that I’ve vented all my negatives about the guy, I wanted to say that I think I actually like him. Actually, more specifically, I don’t actually hate him as much as I do with a lot of Republicans.  At first I thought I’d be writing this based solely on things I’ve read up on, but in this case, I’ve spent some time (albeit, a very short amount of time) with the very people that helped Cao win this seat. Cao is a community activist, and worked with two organizations that helped out the Vietnamese-American community in NOLA after the hurricanes, Boat People SOS and the Mary Queen of Vietnam parish. He is an immigration attorney who advocated for refugee rights in Washington. He practices immigration law in NOLA and his home AND office were destroyed after Katrina hit. He lobbied for the Katrina landfill to be shut down. His academic career included an undergrad at Fordham (a Jesuit school in the Bronx) and a JD at Loyola NOLA. He was headed to the seminary to be a Jesuit priest, which if you didn’t know, is the most liberal of all Catholic orders (some of my favorite Jesuits have actually advocated for female priests and gay marriage rights) before Jesus told him to run for public office.

Although he is a self proclaimed “political moderate” and is staunchly against abortion rights, I think his ties to the Mary Queen of Vietnam church, which from what I’ve personally experienced, is a very strong community of very caring people, and his first person experience with the damages of Katrina will be an asset to the people of New Orleans. If I had to choose between a political moderate and a crook, I would go with the moderate. Although, as one of my friends pointed out to me, it would be great to get a Vietnamese-American community organizer/activist with progressive values in office for once, instead of the anti-Communist, de facto Repubs that keep popping up. Maybe I’m a cynic, but I think any direction away from NeoCon is a step forward, especially during these times. But seeing firsthand how politics and community development in the South is directly related to Faith, it would be hard to get a progressive from the community in office in NOLA since religion plays a significant role in the daily lives of most Viets down there. 

Joe Lieberman, I Loathe You

I remember the first time I heard you talk, just like it was yesterday. It was back in the early 90s, when you publicly denounced my beloved Mortal Kombat and started the Electronic Software Ratings Board. Then of course the 2000 Vice Presidential nomination and you’ve been around ever since. I didn’t generally agree with a lot of what you’ve said in the past few years, but like the long ignored, friendly family dog that gets rabies and ends up biting its owners neck, you jumped into the spotlight again with this shit:



This happens to me all the time. Should I kiss her? Should I not? Always awkward. Always.

This happens to me all the time. Should I kiss her? Should I not? Always awkward. Always.


And who can ever forget him at the RNC in Minneapolis? 




We get it, you couldn’t get the democratic nomination for senate in Connecticut, so you ran as an independent. So technically, you’re not a Democrat. But I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that the Dems didn’t throw your ass out (spineless they are) or the fact that you not only turned your backs on your party, but you actually used RACIAL undertones to disparage Obama. Dude, last time I checked, you’re technically a minority too. 


I realize I’m posting this months after the election, but HuffPo reminded me of how much I hate this man. But what warms my heart is the look Joe must have had when Sarah Palin was nominated as VP and not him, and now after the loss, he’s looking at some angry faces in DC. Republicans because he didn’t really help the party, just added some unneeded bad publicity and Dems because he threw them under the bus. 


Joe, please do us ALL a favor and join the Republican party. It’ll save us all a lot of trouble. Independent Democrat, Conservative Liberal. This is all confusing. Call it as it is. Joe Lieberman-R sounds much more natural. Continue voting for abortion rights and gay marriage, but please, switch parties, I beg you. 


PS. HuffPo is right about you too Bill. You better watch your mouth. We had fun when you were President, but the new you is a little brash and not all that great for the Dems.