Friends Doing Good Giving Circle Party Saturday Dec 14 in LA LA LA

ImageLike to Dance? Like to support Asian American and Pacific Islander community-based organizations? Then come out and join AzN as we throw a dance party for the ages in Little Tokyo LA benefiting the Friends Doing Good Giving Circle. Why? Cause although AAPI makes up over 5% of the US population, only 1% of all philanthropy goes to AAPI groups. And that needs to change y’all! And we can change it one party at a time. FDG Party details as follows:

On Saturday, December 14, 2013, join us as we premiere our giving circle:FRIENDS DOING GOOD
Chynna DTLA – Little Tokyo – 333 Alameda St Ste 115. Los Angeles, CA 90013

*validation provided in Little Tokyo Market Parking Structure

$10 presales available at
$20 recommended donation at the door
100% of proceeds will go towards charity.

King Most
D-Reel (Massive Selector)
Dr Professor
Resident DJ
P R O P S ! –

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Wanna learn more about FDG?
Follow us: @FriendsDoinGood
Instagram: @FriendsDoingGood
*FDG is proud to be part of the National AAPIP Giving Circle Network & fiscally hosted by Tides Foundation

BCB Anniversary Debrief

A Big Thank You to all who came through to the BCB One-Year Anniversary/Nomi Network Fundraiser last week in SF! ‘Twas truly a magical night, filled with comrades, libations, prizes, and jello shots.

Cbruhs delivers her best Newsies impression

Cbruhs delivers her best Newsies impression

Congrats to our raffle winners Debbie — who took home a signed! copy of Adrian Tomine‘s Shortcomings, and Kevin and Jasmine Rice (shit you not)  — who nabbed stylin’ recycled rice bag totes.

AZN works it for Nomi

AZN works it for Nomi

Sherdizzle vanna whites the night's prizes

Sherdizzle vanna whites the night's prizes

Due to everyone’s generosity, we raised some respectable moolah for Nomi Network’s  efforts to fight sexual slavery in Southeast Asia and elsewhere. Don’t forget to buy the nonprofit’s new “Buy Her Bag, Not Her Body” tote here.


Again, on behalf of BCB and Nomi, thanx so much for everyone’s support!

BcB 1 Year Anniversary Party in Chinatown SF


Its been one glorious year since our blog first began, following a hate filled, AIM bitchin session among two of our bloggers during their youthful post-grad skool days. One year later and we’ve gained a whopping 300+ readers a day! To thank you all, we are throwing an anniversary bash at the world famous EZ5 Bar at 684 Commercial (b/t Kearny and Montgomery) in San Francisco!.

Party is on Friday, AUGUST 21. Starts at 10pm, but you know we’ll be there earlier to get our drank on.

Entry is free, and we’re raffling tickets for $5 to win an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Adrian Tomine’s opus on interracial dating/losers from Berkeley that moved to Brooklyn: Shortcomings. Also up for raffle will be recycled rice bag totes made by sex trafficking survivors.

All proceeds go to Nomi Networks, a non-profit with a goal to end human-trafficking. To hear more about this NGO and its work in helping young girls steer clear from being a sex slave (in this case, Cambodia), check out this YouTube:

So bring your wallets for $5 raffle tickets for a chance to win! And of course, EZ5 delivers easy access to drinks (with 2 bartenders and 2 waitresses), nude Photohunt, an owner that always knows your name (my man Cam) and some amazin’ Chinatown decor!

Coming Back to the Yay!

To all my Bay Area bosses doing it big in the Yay from from San Heezy to the Rich, this post is to let y’all know that AzNHeartThrob is back in the Bay. For real this time. And we bout to celebrate the return of the Prodigal Son PLUS the one year anniversary of the Glorious BcB blog with a party on Friday, August 21, at a location to be determined (SF or the O) so stay tuned for details in the BcB events sidebar to the right. Ok, I’ll stop. For now. But if you need any help translating any of those words (which you other regions will be using in about 1-2 years), here ya go:

And that’s some real talk.

Friday Fuckery Part Deuce: Hawt for Teach!

Okay, I never do two FF posts in a day, out of principle and sheer laziness, but this just merits a second round. Breathe deep. Ready?…….



Gasp, gasp, gasp. Remember this scandal of the ’90s? LeTourneau even went to the clink for seven years for her relations with the then 12-year-old Vili Fualaau (she was 34 with four kids at the time). They’re now married with two chilluns.

As a native Seatowner, this is one less reason to get that space needle tat on my chichi. My Pops even taught in the same school district as LeTourneau, so has MET the woman at teacher trainings (pre-tween-Samoan-lovin’ era). The only thing he remembered about Mary Kay was that she was really “chatty”, and thus somewhat irritating. That’s about all I’d wanna remember too.

Anyhooz, if you feel like checking out the event to ogle and feel unclean (Vili will be on the wheels o’ steel, I shit you not. We can start taking bets now on which clever self-referential tunes he’ll spin), apparently it’s tomorrow at some joint called FUEL, in Pioneer Square (douchebag alert!) So FUEL must stand for Frickin’ Unbelievable Ewwwiness Lounge. I mean, c’mon. The flyer really says it all:


So um, I guess this means Mary Kay’s over the whole jail thing. Please don’t let this turn into some celebrity whored out tabloid circus thing. I really don’t think I can handle seeing her mug splashed across USWeekly again, and have the image of my lovely hometown further sullied. On second thought, I really don’t want any more clueless chuckleheads moving there and replacing historic bowling alleys with condos, so go ahead and think what you want. The 206 is chock full o’ pervs, junkies, and the criminally insane! Stay out for god’s sake! Think of the children!