Kim Yu-Na vs. Mao Asada

I didn’t realize how amazing these two skaters are and what all the hype was about when their short programs were on the TV. But after watching NBC’s side-by-side video of Yu-Na and Mao “Carne” Asada, I was pretty blown away by how badass these two are. Click on the picture for a link to the video.


An Olympic Oh No She Didn’t!

I don’t know who Scotty Lago is (bronze medalist in snowboarding – thanks TMZ!) — but I don’t need to in order to comprehend what’s wrong with this picture:

I thought the Westminster Dog Show was in New York?

For shame, Scotty, and an even bigger FOR SHAME on that Asian chick, who don’t even have the good sense to go for the GOLD. But what I find even more offensive is Scotty’s side tat there. Nothing says “douche” like a frat boy who tries to look hard by getting a cliched cholo tattoo.  Scotty, you’re an fuckin’ Olympic medalist in snowboarding, arguably one of the whitest, most privileged sports around. Anyhoo, I’m getting distracted here….Unidentified Asian girl: You thoroughly trounced the competition in the sport of Looking Like a Bronze-Diggin’ Hoebag/Lapdog. Congrats!

Thanks Sherdizz!

Winter Olympics Designer Showcase

For those of you (such as BCB’s Sherdizz) who will be experiencing Winter Olympics madness firsthand this weekend, take a breather from all the pants-splitting bobsledding and frenzied curling to indulge in some ferocious fash-ON!

In conjunction with the Olympics, Four Host First Nations and iKANADA present an Aboriginal Fashion Showcase, including full-on runway shows. The hand-painted, custom Coast Salish Vans of Louie Gong will be featured during the 14th and 16th showcases (though he’ll be there for the entire event). Go say wassup and tell Louie BCB sent ya, maybe you can score a special print or tshirt. Go here to register and for full event schedule.

Vancouver Community College

250 West Pender Street

Downtown Vancouver — 1 block from 2010 Aboriginal Pavilion

Black History Month Tribute to the 1968 Olympics

Just a friendly reminder to y’all that February is Black History Month. One of BcB’s favorite blogs, P is for Props had a tribute to the 1968 Olympics’ heroics of Tommie Smith and John Carlos on the medal podium. If you’re interested in the history behind the statement, come down to sunny San Jose to visit the SJSU campus where a statue of Smith and Carlos (both products of SJSU’s “Speed City” track team, coached by Lloyd (Bud) Winter) was built in 2005. Its been a long time coming…

And the Nobel Prize Goes to…

President Obama? You sure as hell it does! And for those of you that doubt cause he hasn’t closed Guantanamo Bay yet or cause the war(s) still be ragin’, there’s one thing you can’t deny. Those hot cocoa sippin’, Volvo driving (when they ain’t bikin’), Ikea shoppin’, Heineken drankin’, tall as hell Scandanavians sure do love them some Obama. Or Europe is guilty for denying Barack’s hometown the Olympics (you think the Southside is dangerous? Try running around the favelas in search of a cheap Christ the Redeemer souvenir and I’ll buy you bleacher seats to a White Sox game).

You'd think the Nobel Foundation could do better than an 8.5" x 11" printout pict of the President.

Learn from the Legend that is Michael Phelps

F the gold medals and Olympic records. I just got an ad in the mail for a motivational speakers seminar.  And I want to learn the real Michael Phelps. So I’m going to this:


I want to learn how to hook up with AzN women with fake chi chi’s (cha cha’s?) and smoke the sticky icky out of a bong. And I wannabe an underwater Christ figure with a bulge. And Speedos. And a waterproof condom cap.


The Irish Pub Conspiracy

The Irish Pub where it went down

So I had an incident at an Irish Pub. But before I start this story, I should start by explaining my Irish Pub Conspiracy Theory. The Irish Pub was clearly created by White Guy in order to get inebriated and game on girls without the following two elements:

1. Possibility of dancing

1. People of color.

Why choose an Irish Pub rather than a bar or club with a DJ? You don’t go to an Irish Pub for the food (haggis? meat pie? boiled potatoes?). You don’t go to an Irish Pub for the music (a jukebox with CD’S (What is this, 2007?) You don’t go to an Irish Pub for the good drinks (beer is beer is beer everywhere). You go to avoid DANCING. And IF there is any dancing that suddenly breaks out, its ironic and meant to be a big joke for all. House of Pain starts blasting? Just jump up and down! Any Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg song starts bumpin? Throw up the “WestSyde” and bob your head! God forbid, Uncle Luke comes on? Start smacking your girl’s booty! MJ comes on? Well, you get the point… 

And why is there no people of color in these joints? No dancing? Bad music? Miller Lights? Boiled food? TV’s playing the Tennessee vs. Army football game? Girls (Gone Wild) screaming “Woo!! I’m so drunk!”. And Frat Boys yelling “I’m gonna rock out with my cock out!” (it RHYMES!). I dread every second and can’t wait until JOURNEY comes on the jukebox so everyone will just stumble home already. 

And for those of you patient enough to read this far, this was my exchange at the bar in an Irish Pub in the 10th largest city in America: 

Drunk White Guy: Heeeeyyyy

Me: Hey.

DWG: Dude, the Olympics, what’s up with that? (Mind you, the Closing Ceremonies had already occurred several days before)

Me: Huh? What?

DWG: What’s up with China? The ping pong? (Did he throw in a superfluous definite article in there cause he thought I was Chinese?)

Me: Pardon?

DWG: You KNOW. The Chinese chick? She’s CHINESE, played ping pong in CHINA and now she’s playing for the US. What’s up with THAAAATTT??!

Awkward Silence

Me: I haven’t been watching the Olympics.

I was so confused by the exchange, I didn’t spot the intent (It was then that I realized I was one of 2 Asian-Americans in the joint, out of 40-50 people). He just wanted to connect with a person of another race and share in the spirit of the Olympics. And isn’t that the point of the Olympics, building a bridge across the Pacific Ocean to connect Beijing to the U.S.? Lovely. 

If you’re interested in knowing what he was talking about: Gao Jun,

Gao Jun

Gao Jun