AZNs Rocked this Election!

Happy post-Election, Bitchin readers! And my, what a doozy it was. Binders full o’ women, horses & bayonets, and whatever’s going down the shitter in this country…BLAME CHINA! But that’s a whole ‘nother post…

As the dust settles, what has become abundantly clear is that the pesky old stereotype that APIAs don’t care, don’t vote, and don’t matter when it comes to politics is just that — a played out stereotype that couldn’t be farther from reality:

  • APIAs are the fastest growing electorate. With 1 in 6 living in battleground states, they could well have been the decisive swing vote in Nevada and Virginia.
  • 72% of APIAs voted for Obama (2nd highest percentage after African Americans), and 73% backed Democratic Congressional candidates.
  • Of the 23 APIAs who ran for Congress, 10 of them won. This includes six new Congressional members who made history: Tammy Duckworth — the first Thai American and disabled female veteran elected to Congress and the first Asian American to represent Illinois; Grace Meng, the first Asian American to represent New York in Congress; Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard  the first Hindu American and the first Samoan American in US Congress; and California’s Mark Takano, the first openly gay person of color in Congress.


Like most other Americans, APIAs are most concerned about the economy, health care, education, and immigrant and civil rights. And (busting through more stereotypes), we lean progressive when it comes to issues on the environment, universal health care, and supporting a path to citizenship for undocumented individuals. Even Vietnamese American voters have trended Democratic; blue support is not mainly driven by South Asian Americans and Chinese Americans any more. Which means there’s even more opportunities to build multiracial alliances with African Americans and Latinos, as our voting and issue preferences have become pretty similar.

As APIAs are both the fastest growing racial group and electorate in the U.S., our elected officials, political parties, pollsters, and other powers that be are gonna hafta RECOGNIZE. Because we are America.

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DREAMers Finally Get Relief

Last Friday, in a historic announcement, President Obama used his executive power to do something young immigrant activists have been tirelessly organizing around for years: grant relief to DREAMers.

Meaning that certain undocumented young people will have a two-year period free from fear of deportation, and be allowed to work. This executive initiative applies to: those who arrived in the U.S. when they were under 16 and are currently not over 30, are in school, graduated from high school, or are military veterans, have continuously resided in the U.S. for at least five years, and haven’t been convicted of a crime.

The significance of this cannot be overstated. During the announcement, I was lucky enough to be at an immigration conference and in the company of DREAMers and activists who fought in the trenches to strengthen the undocumented youth movement.

DREAMers react to the news. “It’s not about immigrant justice, it’s about social justice” – Juan, DREAMer.

There were a lot of tears, celebrating…and questions, for there are many important things this action doesn’t address.

The initiative does not guarantee a path to citizenship —  it is, as Obama himself said: “a temporary stopgap measure”. To create a path to legal permanent residence (and eventually, citizenship), we still need to pass DREAM legislation…a bill that Obama has pledged to sign, and which was blocked by Senate Republicans in 2010.

This relief also leaves many individuals out….like Jose Antonio Vargas, a gay Filipino Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who “came out” as undocumented in last year’s New York Times — and a major galvanizing force in the undocumented movement. Vargas is on the current cover of TIME Magazine for its daring (for mainstream media) article. He is also 31 years old.

While many still think of immigration — and “illegal” immigration in particular — as a Latino or Mexican issue, the truth is that undocumented migrants deeply affect our APIA communities:  they are part of us. About 10% of DREAMers are API, and they make up an estimated 45% of the undocumented student population in the University of California system alone (check out these excellent Hyphen articles by Momo Chang here and here).

So while APIs have often been left out of the mainstream immigration narrative, we need to double down to make our voices heard. Not only to advocate for our own communities, but to support our undocumented sisters and brothers regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality, or any other characteristics that are manipulated to make us into the “Other” and exclude us from fully participating in a democracy we’ve fought to contribute to. Because that is the only way we will win. And when DREAMers win, so does America.

Obama Officially Endorses Gay Marriage

Today, our POTUS Obama — in a historical statement — publicly endorsed same-sex marriage. MAWWIAGE!!! Or rather,


HUZZAH!! A significant and positive step in the journey towards equal rights. On the heels of this announcement, as with all momentous events, a Tumblr was created: ‘When Obama Endorsed Marriage Equality….we all partied. With .GIFs.’

Some fine selections include:

The Carleton Dance:

A touch of Dowager Countess sass:

…and of course, one of the most sickening queens OF ALL TIME, Latrice muthafrickin Royale!!

…ALL OF IT!! Especially you, Amendment 1 of North Carolina.

And Prez Obama…Shante, you stay.


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Friday Fuckery: Obama Booty Grab

While on a West coast fundraising tour, President Obama swung by unannounced to the Great Eastern Restaurant yesterday in San Francisco’s Chinatown to nab some takeout.

What ensued was a gaggle of ecstatic customers, a lot of handshaking, and a few old Chinese ladies partaking in a fistful of Presidential rumpus:

The expressions of the guy in the tan shirt and the Secret Service agent are the next best things about this photo.

Susan Walsh, Associated Press

That’s right, Chinese matrons appreciate a good ol’ rear squeeze as much as the next law-abiding, Buddha-revering civilian. But they have the cahones to do it brazenly in front of Secret Service, the American press, and their grandkids. And repeatedly:

Nothing woos a Prez like a flossin' COOGI sweater

Saul Loeb, AFP/Getty Images

Some onlookers will claim that such sweet seniors are virtuously bereft of all bawdy intent (or just short), but I say: THEY KNOW WHAT’S UP. If anyone is hip to using physical and social stature to honey badger through life — whither cutting in line at the bakery, running you over with a laundry cart, or taking the liberty to cop a patriotic feel, it’s your gangsta ass Ee Ma and Pau Pau. You know they’re gonna be bragging about their Mack Meemaw skills at the mah-jong table til next Lunar New Year.

Get some, golden gurls! I can’t wait til I’m an old Chinese lady and I can just grope with abandon, up to the very highest echelons of the American political system. Thus is the beauty and true meaning of democracy.

Cheers to Obama and the Granny Grab!

Thanks Sherilyn! – This seriously made my year.

source (and more heartwarming pics!): San Francisco Chronicle

May 1, 2011

“As we do, we must also reaffirm that the United States is not –- and never will be -– at war with Islam.  I’ve made clear, just as President Bush did shortly after 9/11, that our war is not against Islam.  Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader; he was a mass murderer of Muslims.  Indeed, al Qaeda has slaughtered scores of Muslims in many countries, including our own.  So his demise should be welcomed by all who believe in peace and human dignity.”

Want some reactions from people around the world? As always, when it comes to news from the Muslim world, I refer you to my most trusted source for info since 1994, Goatmilk.

The Reverse Cash Warren Complex

AzN has written about his spitefulness towards Cash Warren in the past. The theory is, no one is good enough to date Jessica Alba. So when I was watching this week’s episode of Parks and Recreation for my Aziz-fix, I decided to Google who Rashida Jones was dating. I unfairly assumed that the Harvard-educated, (almost) future sister-in-law of 2Pac, back-up vocalist to Maroon 5, daughter of Quincy Jones/Julie from the Mod Squad would be dating a Cash Warren-type. ummmm. No. You know how we like all of Barack Obama’s speeches? Yes, they all come from the President’s head and his mouth, but meet the man that Obama calls his “mindreader”, aka, Jon Favreau (not THAT Jon Favreau), Obama’s Director of Speechwriting (my first thought was, HE has a director of speechwriting???):

Yes, Rashida Jones went from Spider-Man (only fanboys know how to spell Spider-Man correctly) to Mark Ronson to Seth Meyers to John Krasinski to Jon “You want to be me more than you want to be Cash Warren” Favreau. And you know what? I thought I’d be jealous of HIM, but it turns out, I’m a little jealous of HER. Pause.

Extra points for being under 30, Jon. And for getting caught with this photo on your Facebook. To NOT cup Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s boob during a kegger is UN-AMERICAN (not the reverse).

The Promise: An Interactive Portfolio about the Civil-Rights Era by The New Yorker

Head over to The New Yorker now to check out this amazing audio pictorial:

An interactive portfolio about the civil-rights era, with contemporary portraits by Platon, historical photographs, interviews, and audio commentary by David Remnick, whose written introduction appears below the portfolio. -The New Yorker.

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