Support Rice and Beans!

Hands down the coolest Co-Op run childcare facility in the San Antonio neighborhood in Oakland is the Rice and Beans Cooperative. The center was created by organizers, artists, cultural & community workers and fosters creativity through art, music, movement and dance while also not letting kids forget about the maths and sciences. Oh so you wanna help them out but don’t know how? And you’re thinking “wouldn’t it be great to have an I HEART RICE AND BEANS t-shirt”? Today is your lucky day! Contact Rice and Beans here and order one of these in kids or adults size. Aren’t babies CUUUUTE!?



Eddie Huang in the Bay

Say what you will of Eddie Huang, owner/chef of Baohaus, but for many folks, the only job better than doing Anthony Bourdain for the Travel Channel/CNN is doing the same show (with lower production value) for Vice Travel. Part 1 of his three part series in the Bay begins with killing wabbits in Livermore and hanging with the East Bay Rats in Oakland followed by the highly anticipated visit to AzN favorites Rice/Paper/Scissors in SF. #LivingtheDream. I’m telling you.

Black, Brown, & Down DRAGraiser for Causa Justa::Just Cause

Causa Justa :: Just Cause is throwing its second dragraiser to celebrate Black-Brown Unity! It’s a special night with FABULOUSLY hot performance, music and drink specials all in support of the struggle for immigrant and housing justice! Celebrate CJJC’s work building solidarity among African-American and Latino communities to organize for housing and immigrant rights in the Bay Area and beyond.

Cost: $10-$25 // $8 Online SPECIAL
Buy your tickets today!

When the Inclusive Occupy Oakland Movement Became the White Anarchist Movement

It was happening for a while and this weekend was when the transition was 100%. The Occupy Oakland Movement was dwarfed by a handful of anarchists this weekend. Most of whom, as you can see in this photo-collage I made from the weekend’s protests photos, are WHITE. This is probably the biggest gathering of white people I’ve seen in Oakland ever. Why isn’t the media calling this out? If it was a similarly ratio’d number of Asian or Black folks, you can be sure they’d call it the BLACKS OCCUPY OAKLAND RIOT or the ASIANS TAKE OVER OAKLAND RIOT. Where are these white people coming from? Are they born and raised in Oakland? Did they go to Oakland High or Tech? Were they born at Kaiser or Highland? I don’t know, I’m not from Oakland, so I can’t say. But what I can say is that Oakland’s demographics are 26% White, 17% Asian, 27% Black and 25% Latino. And these photos make it look like the Occupy protestors rioters are 95% White to me.

This is Not the Occupy Oakland Movement

This right here is when the Occupy Oakland protests stopped being anything about the Occupy movement and turned into the continuing F Oakland/FOPD movement. Why deface a Frank H. Ogawa bust or anything civic for that matter when there’s a goddamn Wells Fargo and Bank of America and Citibank right down the street to focus on? Do these people even remember why this movement was started? Why are these white anarchists appropriating the Occupy Movement and why can’t the media stop calling this splinter group OCCUPY?!

And this sh!t right here breaks my heart. why why why why??? Are you MFers coming in from your white bread/latte sipping single family tract homes from Walnut Creek and spreading your suburban teen angst in Oakland? Do you really live in Oakland? Are you even from the Bay Area? Why would you destroy a 100 year old model of the most historic building in Oakland? Why don’t you go to Fairyland and tear out all the rides while you’re at it? Or better yet, throw a ton of bleach into Lake Merritt. Cause Wells Fargo and Bank America will go nuts if you do that. They will. They might even stop the foreclosure process on your next door neighbors (you’ll be fine though cause your trust fund’s got you covered for the next 1000 years).

Can I PLEASE see some headshots of the people getting arrested? Oh wait, that’s a great idea. I’m gonna do that in my next post… call all you white anarchists out….

The Yellow Peril x Oakland’s FeelMore510 Giveaway Collab

As part of the release of their fabulous Yellow Peril Dildo, ChimCo is teaming up with THE #1 Adult Boutique Shop in Oakland, FeelMore510, to giveaway a handful (pun intended) of dildos during their celebration of Lunar New Year! That’s right folks, no joke: FREE DILDOS, all week long! For more information on how to get your hands on a Yellow Peril at FeelMore510 (pun intended once again), check out their website or Facebook or Twitter.

FeelMore510 in Oakland (1703 Telegraph Ave), the best place to find luxury sex toys, literature, artwork and all you need for a feelgood night:

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Pop-Up Retail in Oakland

You can listen all you want to the NY Times and their travel rankings (Oakland at #5), the Town is big and there can’t be a Michelin Star restaurant in every neighborhood. There are a lot of holes in Oakland and one of the biggest ones that residents and outsiders constantly mention is a lack of retail opportunities. Whether you’re Christmas shopping or trying to buy basic necessities, its a whole lot easier to hop in a car and drive to the Oakland/Emeryville border and shop at Target, which ain’t going to fill the Town’s coffers with that tax/money dollars. Which is why this PopUpHood idea is ingenious. The basic is giving business owners a 6-month amnesty on rent but the upside is filling up those empty storefronts with viable businesses. One of the first is Manifesto Bicycles, one of my favorite bike shops ever. Its main location is near MacArthur BART, but that’s way too far to go to regularly. Which is why the new location in Historic Downtown Oakland is B-O-M-B. Take a look at this video for more info on how they put this together.