Hasan Minhaj on Jeremy Lin: Saying What We’re All Thinking

Best line: ‎”You cannot have a neck tattoo and get dunked on by a guy who took Calculus BC.”


The Left Coast Parties Right

This Sunday join AzN, King Most, Props Radio and Brooklyn Circus for a party… on a boat. That’s right. On a boat. Also enjoy food by The Attic Restaurant and maybe you’ll get a free issue of Wax Poetics from the sponsors. Or if you don’t have your sea legs ready to sail, come out to the afterparty: sfnyconnect.com.

The Promise: An Interactive Portfolio about the Civil-Rights Era by The New Yorker

Head over to The New Yorker now to check out this amazing audio pictorial:

An interactive portfolio about the civil-rights era, with contemporary portraits by Platon, historical photographs, interviews, and audio commentary by David Remnick, whose written introduction appears below the portfolio. -The New Yorker.

Thanks ePanda!

For Rent: 178 Sq Ft Apartment in Clinton Hill

Click for a slideshow of 178 sq ft of beautiful brooklyn studio wonder. Careful you don't topple over the stack of untouched national geographics.

It doesn’t upset me that this guy is paying $900 for a studio in Brooklyn, or that he lives in Clinton Hill, or that his apartment is 178 square feet, or that the apt is filled with all sorts of pack rat crap, or that he looks like a douche.

What annoys me is this guy landed a junior designer position in a NYC architecture firm without any knowledge of CAD or design or architecture just cause he took pictures of the interior of his apartment and sent it in with his resume. You just mocked and ridiculed my four years of undergrad cause you know how to put a model plane next to some ironic salt and pepper shakers. DOUCHE

BcB Presents “Model Minorities”: Asian Models and Why It Matters

BcB is starting a new series titled “Model Minorities” where we bring up topics related to Asian/Asian American models. Is this a way of me ogling looking up Asian models online and making up a lame excuse for it (ditto for CBruhs)? I’ll be honest. Yes. But will we enlighten you with some good topics about the Asian American image in American mainstream society while doing it? Sure, why not. Let’s begin enlightening:

The last thing you need to hear about (I’m sure) is about the unfortunate plight of the Asian model. Boo Hoo, I’m tall (5’10”), beautiful, and skinny (3 digit weight? You wanna model for the Dress Barn?). But it does matter. Cause what you see on the runway during NYC’s Fashion Week will show up in the high end Milan, Paris and NY boutiques within the year, then the boutiques in LA and Tokyo a week later, then Barney’s, then Nordstrom’s, then Banana Republic, then Hollister, then TJ Maxx and finally the LBC swap meet. And its all about IMAGE people. You know that!

So I had always thought Asian American models were in high demand. And when I mean models, I mean female models. I read this article a while back that broke it down in a pie chart, using data from the races of models at Fashion Week 2009 in NYC:

41% Asian, 36% Black, 22% Latino, 1% Other

So I’m a little puzzled when I took a look at this article from NY Magazine, via Cbruhs via Char Char, that detailed the difficulty of finding Asian female models for a show that up-and-coming designer Daniel Vosovic was putting on. According to Vosovic:

Wanting to cast only Asian models, the lack of diversity made things a tad difficult. “When we started to request show packages, honestly, I was appalled by the lack of options”.

So the fact that its THIS difficult to find Asian runway models coupled with the fact that the most people of color used as models for shows is Asian means its pretty bad out there for Black and Latina runway models I’m guessing. Let’s not forget that these shows only use the emaciated, bony cheeked, 5’11” eastern euro type models, so forget about any junk in the trunk/front.

So take a look at his collection below and tell me if Vosovic was being very specific about the Asian models he wanted? or its an industry wide problem. My guess is its both.

click for full Vosovic line.

Click for the full Vosovic line showing all the Asian models he selected.

Barrio Chino, Panama: I Want to Go to There

I’ve had a lifelong dream to go to Havana, Cuba. Taking that flight from Vancouver or Tijuana and arriving in a city that hasn’t changed much since JFK was still rockin Marilyn Monroe a skinny suit and black tie. I mostly wanted to visit the Chinatown in Havana, and was able to, virtually, through a DVD from Cheuk Kwan of Tissa Films. A documentary called Chinese Restaurants, split into 5 DVDs spanning 5 continents:

DVD 1: Song of the Exile (Israel, South Africa, Turkey)
DVD 2: On the Islands (Mauritius, Trinidad & Tobago, Cuba)
DVD 3: Three Continents (Madagascar, Norway, Canada)
DVD 4: Latin Passions (Peru, Brazil South, Argentina)
DVD 5: Beyond Frontiers (India East, Brazil North, India West)

So when Anthony Bourdain visited Panama’s Barrio Chino and noted that 1/5 Panamanians had Chinese ancestry and the CTown was the oldest in the Americas (take that Canal & Mott!), I thought of a ridiculous Portuguese/Chinese meal I once had and wanted some of that Latin Chinese new new. Simple as that. Take a look at the episode and tell me you wouldn’t want to slurp MSG with Bourdain, himself.