America’s Second Greatest Enemy is China

America is dumb. Full of idiots. How else can you explain this gallup poll? Iran? We’re at war with two of the countries on this list and we have Iran as number one? Is the war hype machine in full effect for the NEXT NEXT war? Are we always about the NEW NEW? Does America think Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom are OVER (GOD I HATE THE NAMES OF THESE WARS, can’t we just name them what they are? Operation Attack the Gas Station II and Operation Death Wish: The Impending Revenge)? 118 soldiers were killed in 2012 and the majority of the soldiers killed in both wars are from my great state! (side-note, props to Texas A&M for their human wall to protect the burial of a solider/alumni killed at Ft. Bragg from anti-gay protestors).

So now let’s get to the meat of this graph cause I came to the rodeo to talk about numero dos and numero tres. CHINA? SERIOUSLY? China, as in Hong Kong, China, as in where you go for $200 cups of f’n tea on a roof garden CHINA? China as in TOM CRUISE just shot Mission Impossible in China, China? China, as in where they make my iPhone and iPad, and uh, everything else, China? China, as in our second greatest trading partner China, as if we don’t use China’s special SEZ to manage big investments? That’s not even the most f’d up thing about this list. You wanna know how I know this is about RACE and not about international politics? See number 3 on the threat list? And then take a look at the actual list.

NORTH KOREA/KOREA (nonspecific). NORTH KOREA SLASH KOREA NONSPECIFIC? As in people just said KOREA? Or Koreans? Or goddamn Koreans? If they specified gooks would it be listed as Vietnam and then on the “other” list? A few of them must have answered with “GODDAMN JAPS” cause Japan is right there on this list as numero 9. Right under “United States Itself”. Smart move hippies. Very clever. And if you’re keeping score at home, Japan is our 4th biggest trading partner and (unspecified) Korea, but I’m going to say South Korea, is our 7th biggest trading partner.

I hope to GOD this survey was done in the middle of a weekday to homes in states with cardinal directions in their names (that would be North, South, and West for geography majors). How else can you ‘splain this nonsense?


Friday Fuckery: North Korean “Take on Me”

Think you’ve heard A-ha’s “Take on Me” so many times that you’ll gouge your eyeballs out next time it comes on in the frozen meats section?  Well, you can handle hearing it once more, especially because this version is pretty boss. Five North Korean students cover the iconic ’80s song and enhance it in the best way imaginable…with accordions.

Now if only they could star in their own pencil-sketch/live action music video:

North Korean Labor Camps in Siberia

VICE, king of all things hipster, recently traveled into the wilds of Siberia to film and talk to North Koreans in labor camps.

Dissatisfied with a government-sponsored tour of North Korea aka The Hermit Kingdom aka “the most fucked up place on Earth” — where he wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone outside of the official tour — Shane Smith and a fellow journalist decided to take the trans-Siberian railroad into the Russian interior to find people in North Korean labor camps and “see how they live”. The trip is graced with local Russian mobsters, plenty of vodka, and — as to be expected — royally pissed off North Korean officials.

They find that most workers are sent to the camps as free labor for 10+ years to cut logs that will eventually be exported to England, and to earn revenue for resource-starved North Korea. They live in dilapidated campers and barracks and work throughout the brutal winter and summer seasons.  See what else transpires when a group of white dudes goes in search of shit they’re not supposed to see.

(watch the other installments here)

via Buzzfeed

Lee and Ling Freed in Pyongyang After Bill Clinton Visit

The wait is over. After a lengthy negotiation process, Former President Bill Clinton arrived in Pyongyang, North Korea to finalize the negotiations to release Euna Lee and Laura Ling. Although the White House denies involvement, and said it was a “private mission” by Clinton, that scenario is highly doubtful, as Kim Jong Il was likely in need of an ego stroke (and the Obama administration would not be down for any of that).

Lisa Ling and Euna Lee/Laura Ling’s Husbands on The Today Show

Here’s a recent interview with Laura Ling’s sister, Lisa Ling and the captured journalists’ husbands. Euna Lee has a daughter in preschool too. Really sad.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vigil for the Release of Detained Journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee

I recently attended the vigil for Laura Ling and Euna Ling, Current TV journalists being detained by North Korea. The vigil was held concurrently on May 21st in Chicago, Portland, Orlando, Los Angeles and in New York City at Rockefeller Center (where I was). At the vigil, Laura Ling’s cousin, Angie Wang, read excerpts from a letter that Laura was able to send to Lisa Ling, her sister. The video and texts are as follows, and came from the Lia Chang blog

When I first got here, I cried so much. Now, I cry less. I try very hard to think about positive things, but sometimes it is hard too. Some days I get to go outside and get some fresh air. In the early evening, I do some stretching. I also sit and meditate. I breathe deeply and think about positive things that have happened in the day. For example, I think “I’m lucky I made it through another day.” I’m lucky my family is working so hard to get me released. I’m thinking about you all constantly and how fortunate I am to have an amazing family. Stay strong and please take care of yourselves. That is my request. Know that I’m thinking of you and dreaming about being reunited with you all again.

All my love,


If you’d like to attend the next vigil, here’s more info (you can also join the Facebook page): 

On Wednesday, June 3, 2009, 6 cities across the country will host public vigils to bring awareness to their detainment. Through a grassroots effort on FACEBOOK, Candlelight vigils in NYC, DC, Birmingham, LA, and San Francisco are being organized in the name of justice, upholding the truth and freedom for Laura Ling and Euna Lee.  Bring a candle and come out to show your support.

DATE: Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

TIME: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Washington Square Park (The Fountain)

5th Ave & Waverly Place


To volunteer or for more information, please email Danielle Chang

Asian American TV Journalists Held in North Korea

Euna Lee and Laura Ling

Euna Lee and Laura Ling

I got this from Big WOWO and had to repost a link to it on BcB because I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve heard of this. With all the talk of the Somali pirates and the American Captain that was freed, you’d think a story like this would merit some kind of attention, especially since one of the reporters is Lisa Ling’s sister (we all know celebritydom has its perks). I just hope they get out and this doesn’t end up like some Brokedown Palace type ish… 

Not sure what we can do, but if you want to at least try something, I would contact the State Department to let them know there ARE people out there that care about these two being held and that we want them back like America wanted  Captain Phillips to escape. So here’s the State Departments email and contact info. Let Hillary Clinton know that they should continue talks with Pyongyang through the Swedish Embassy to negotiate their release: 

U.S. State Dept. Public Communication Division: 

PA/PL, Rm. 2206 
U.S. Department of State 
2201 C Street NW 
Washington, D.C. 20520 

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