Model Minority: Justin Kim


So I didn’t even know America’s Next Top Model was still on, nor that it now features MALE models. ASIAN. MALE. MODELS. Feast yo peepers on Justin Kim (by stalking his Insta @seoulful_j) and his impossible jawline…and praise be to Ty Ty for keeping the ANTM cycle going for 22 flippin’ years — although C’MON it really shouldn’t have taken almost a quarter of a century to get a male Asian American model on the show.

Christ, I still remember the first season. And that makes me feel old and sad. But this makes me feel better:


Tats, chains, and chesticles, Oh My!

Plus he reps Korea and AZN Pryde hard and wants to shatter stereotypes by showing America that Asian men are tall and hot and really really really ridiculously good looking and hot and also hot. What a good Samaritan, that Justin Kim!

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 10.40.01 PMTime for me to start clearing my calendar Thursdays at 8pm. Screw Shark Tank. I want Hunk (in a) Tank!  Ugh. Sorry…here’s a palate cleanser:





Model Minority: Godfrey Tsao

Good Gawd, Godfrey! You could open a can of peaches with them cheekbones.

Vancouver-based model minority Godfrey Tsao’s interests include: basketball, American football, volleyball, baseball, ice skating, track and field, Tae Kwon Do, DJing, playing the drums, and making your pants feel tight. Film and TV credits include: Star-gate SG-1and  Still Life. And he’s a Virgo with blood type O (Google says: you’re welcome).

Also, Godfrey’s facebook page says: “Prada is raunchy”. I don’t know what that means (what in the hail is a Prada?) — but anyone who still includes the word “raunchy” in their everyday lexicon gets a gold star in my dance card.

Gee, come to think of it, Vancouver’s only a short 3 hour drive from Seattle! Time to fill up the gas tank, put on a pair of ice skates and an adult diaper, and head for the border.

UPDATE: Godfrey has also been chosen as the spokesmodel for Louis Vitton’s spring menswear collection. And the designer’s first Asian face. Woot!

Thanks AzN & Char Char!

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Model Minority: American Apparel Starts Bedding Asian Models

AA did it again. They’re selling bedding now. To make more money? Cause folks want American-made, sweat factory-free bedding? Hell nah, its so they can put Asian models in provocative photos like this (in bed!):

Check out the King Sheet Sets and Twin Sheet Sets for the Asian models that look

A. Barely legal
B. Super Hipster
C. High as a kite in a bubble.

Thank you AA CEO Dov Charney. Just when I thought you couldn’t exploit and fetishize Asian American females any more than you normally do, you take the same half naked models in compromising positions and throw them in a bed (we get it, you like to bed your models).

PS. Is it me, or do the sheets only come in guys’ colors? Grey and white? Presumably so you can wash them with your colored laundry or your whites, guys?