What Did Jeremy Lin Do?

Ever since JLin and the Lin family rolled to the Leavey Center for a Broncos v. Crimson game in 2010, AzN has been in full blown Linsanity mode. So for all you JLin fans out there who aren’t necessarily Laker fans (#DubNation represent) I will be conveniently posting JLin stat lines after every Laker game (0-5 and off to a great start y’all!) on the Asian American sports blog: datwinning.com. Peep BCB for some summaries of the best JLin games, but stick with Dat Winning for up-to-date stat lines cause we can’t be a 24/7 Jeremy Lin Show.

Also, thanks to High Expectations Father who kindly volunteered to give us a quote after each performance (to be honest, I didn’t ask, but my mom called me the other day and was like “High Expectations Father wants to talk to you!” so I drove out to the suburbs and, well, you know what happened next).

Thanks all! And remember, as Jeremy says, Jesus loves you! Unless you’re JR Smith, in which case, no one loves you.


Friday Fuckery: James Leland Dolan

You Guys!! Did you know that James Dolan, the Exec Chairman of Madison Square Garden, Inc., owner of the NY Knicks, and gifted music man, has a long and storied history — especially when it comes to profiting off of working with talented Chinese Americans — that stretches all the way back to his great-great grandfather James Leland Dolan? And you guessed it — it involves the The Transcontinental Railroad!

Yessiree, read all about ye olden times, when “Knickerbockers” was part of common lexicon and harpsichord was the instrument of favor. Plus, being illiterate with pyro tendencies didn’t necessarily prevent one from becoming filthy rich. Confused? Yo, son — get your history lesson!

Thank Groban that esteemed scholar and historian Terry K. Park was able to delve into the dusty annals of US history and recover this little known, yet influential tycoon.

Thanks TKP!

Jeremy Lin Comedy: For AzN Eyes Only

There’s a thin line between racism and comedy. That line is more clearly defined when the folks doing the comedy are the same race as the folks being made fun of (with glaring exceptions, of course). That’s why Dave Chappelle left his $50 million dollar paycheck on the table. Cause White peepos were laughing a little TOO hard.

So BcB had some moral dilemma with posting the following videos from Studio 64 Comedy. But it’s too damn funny not to. So for content that walks the line, we’re creating a new category called FUBU — as in “For Us By Us” (which is also a convenient excuse to make a reference to one of the most loved/hated clothing lines of the ’90s). Cause it’s about more than just laughing at accents.

I wish there was an app that only allowed Asian eyes to view the following [insert racist joke here] — but alas, there is not. So be forewarned. And if you’re White, don’t laugh too hard. And no bullshit griping about “double standards”. But feel free to laugh at the PC version.

The REAL real version:

The equally as funny “politically correct” version:


BcB Caption Contest

I always thought Caption Contests were lame, if only because I was never able to come up with a non-offensive witty caption that could get published. But when I ran across this picture (don’t ask me what I was trying to Google Image when this popped up), I knew we had to start this on BcB.

So here are the rules: There are no rules. Wait, actually, don’t put up anything offensive (that’s OUR job). And winner gets a Jeremy Lin Sports Illustrated. Saves you $4.99 and a trip to the dime store. LET THE CAPTIONS BEGIN! Wait, did I say no puns in the rules? I didn’t? I’ll expect pLINty of puns then…

Want to submit random pics that pop up in your own Googly searches for captioning by the BCB masses? Send to: bicoastalbitchin(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Race and Jeremy Lin: A Compilation of the Best Articles This Month

There are a lot of Jeremy Lin articles out there. And by a lot, I mean A LOT. I was going to write about how we’ve followed his game from the Harvard v Santa Clara U match up with his parents all wearing We Believe shirts sitting in front row and the whole arena (which seats 2 people) chanting “Over-rated” to the time we saw his first play in a Warriors uniform (2 steals!). But instead, I decided to take all the articles I found the most relevant and interesting and wrap them up Christmas Eve-style for your viewing pleasure. I especially liked the ones sent to me by my friends who do not follow sports. So a few of these go deep into racial theory, which is still very new to me. So read these, and skip all the superfluousness ones about “Chink in the Armor” and enjoy. And if you need a quick primer to the Jeremy Lin Show (or basketball in general), check out this Linfographic and I promise you that will be the one and only Lin Pun I use:

Linfographic: Jeremy Lin’s journey, illustrated

Linsanity: There Goes the Neighborhood by Rembert Browne of Grantland

Asian Men Can Jump by Gish Jen of The New York Times

Will Lin-sanity tame Tiger Moms? by Jeff Yang of The New York Daily News

‘We Don’t Have Anything to Call Our Own Yet’: Jeremy Lin and Narratives of Achievement Among People of Color by Ryan Davis, Negro Sunshine (People of Color Organize)

Why Jeremy Lin Matters: Asian Male Image in the Media by Ky Phong Paul Tran of New America Media

But easily my favorite is the SNL opening last week that pointed out the double standard that the media has enjoyed when it comes to being political correct for African American athletes while totally disregarding Asian American ones. GO SNL: Saturday Night Live.

Jeremy Lin Schools John Wall

I know its the D-League, but when you’re the 1st Pick in the First Round of this year’s NBA draft (John Wall) and you get p0wned by the Chinese Crimson Knight, you know Jeremy Lin deserves to play in the pros. Damn Warriors, his hometown team, passed up on signing him only to see the Mavs swoop!