Hello Kitty Wine, Ya’ll!

Two things that make me crazy (with delight!): Hello Kitty. Booze. Together at last! It’s a beautiful thing, people.

Altho it may look like cheap Arbor Mist hooch from the packaging (which would be A-OK by me), the wines are actually DOC certified (Vino a Denominazione di Origine Controllata). Translation: the wines are made in well-defined regions and following very specific rules of production…which means Hello Kitty Vino is not only adorable, it’s some high-quality shit you can chug with your pinky out!

Here are some tasting notes for the four types from Innovation Spirits, which will be marketing the wine in the States:

Hello Kitty Sparkling Brut Rosé – A deep reddish pink sparkling rose made from 100% Pinot Noir that has a frothy mousse as well as a pretty nose of rose petal and red currant scents.

Hello Kitty Sparkling “Sweet Pink” (Half Size) – This semi-sweet sparkler sports a pale pink hue and has very delicate bubbles.

2008 Hello Kitty Angel White – This is a fresh, very “blanc” white wine made entirely from Pinot Noir free run juice.

2006 Hello Kitty Devil Red – Garnet red with brickish highlights, this is a classically rendered Pinot Noir that presents a seductive bouquet of wild flowers and forest aromas.

I don’t know what “brickish” means other than the way my head will feel the day after drinking a bottle of each…but overall, these wines sound mighty classy!

And why the hell not? The power that is HK has already united with vibrators, waffle makers, and men’s draws, so it was only a matter of time until she was paired with foiyne wines. And hopefully only a little longer until they come out with a Hello Maker’s. Fingers crossed!

In specialty wine & liquor stores throughout the Western United States soon, or you can purchase directly through their website over the next month.

Thanks Char Char!