Gwen Defends Harajuku Girls

Gwen-Stefani-5-The-Harajuku-Girls2Gwen & Katy Perry must be BFFs or have the same publicist or image coach or something, because the delusion runs equally thick with these two. Throw Madonna in there and you got the Grand Trifecta of Asian-appropriating white women (with Avril Lavigne clutching at their coattails).

When recently asked by TIME Magazine if she regretted her whole “Harajuku Girls” fetish phase from 2004, Gwen gave a resounding:

“No…. For me, everything that I did with the Harajuku Girls was just a pure compliment and being a fan. You can’t be a fan of somebody else? Or another culture? Of course you can. Of course you can celebrate other cultures. That’s what Japanese culture and American culture have done. It’s like I say in the song [“Harajuku Girls”]: it’s a ping-pong match. We do something American, they take it and they flip it and make it so Japanese and so cool. And we take it back and go, “Whoa, that’s so cool!” That’s so beautiful. It’s a beautiful thing in the world, how our cultures come together. I don’t feel like I did anything but share that love. You can look at it from a negative point of view if you want to, but get off my cloud. Because, seriously, that was all meant out of love.

Oh yes, by “celebrate”, she means: shut up, get in back, and kowtow, sidekicks!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 4.35.59 PMAnd “Get off my cloud”? AHAHAHAAA what foolery. So is she supposed to be an angel or goddess or something? Ridiculous as that sounds, Stefani may have just coined the new catchphrase for self-important pop co-opters (paging Iggy Iggy and Mileyyyyy). Oh, but it gets better:

“…They were dancers that were cast, but they became real. One girl was a Japanese girl that grew up in L.A., and she got to hang around with three different Japanese girls that were from different places in Japan and had different backgrounds. They became best friends, and she got to go to Japan and see her heritage and see how we are all the same.”

Because they weren’t real people to begin with, just mute, cutesy pets yeah? And Gwen’s basically saying, “YOU’RE WELCOME, HJG #3” and taking credit for helping one of her props dancers wake up and smell the matcha and connect with her Supaaa Kawaiiii peeeoopleessss.

But really this is not surprising, coming from someone with a long and illustrious bindi-wearing, “Indian Princess” cosplaying, Ska-appropriating history. And I almost ralphed when Gwen “BUKK BUKK BBUKK!!!”-ed through Anita Antoinette’s Bob Marley audition on The Voice. Ugh, take a seat and turn it back around.

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What? A White Guy Designed That?!

Yello Face is the Latest Fashion Accessory

Yellow Face is the Latest Fashion Accessory

Stop it. Cause we know. Your sh!t ain’t FUBU. Its designed by the fetishists, fakers, and money fienders that you are. Designs by them, and meant entirely to be consumed by others. From the tweeners in love with Gwen’s fashion in her videos featuring so-called “Harajuku” girls (who clearly are JA’s at best, but most likely light skinned Filipinas, recent UC Irvine dance team grads) to the post-modern hipster Hello Kitty lover that appreciates a good geisha cartooned logo tattoo cause: “Hey, I’ve been to Tokyo, like, twice, for that design conference, you know?” to the comic artist that “married an aZn girl and was so inspired by her pretty eyes and button nose that he HAD to create a comic book” for 14-year old boys that are into octopus attacking school girl Hentai videos and mp4 copies of Ninja Scroll.

Don’t mistake Harujuku Lovers for a Japanese brand. Don’t confuse cute adorable Asian characters like Domo with the likes of Tokidoki (created and distributed by Gaijins!). And don’t buy Shi if you’re looking for some real manga. Know the intent behind the image you choose to rock on your shirt. Cause there’s a thin line between a racist Asian Yellow faced exoticized  characture (peep the underwear the Japanese girl is wearing to figure out where the artist is from) and a cute, adorable, Japanese cartoon:

Tokidoki vs Hello Kitty & Friends

Tokidoki vs Hello Kitty & Friends

Seriously?! How the F does Tokidoki get away with this in 2009:

Yellow Face! Yellow Face!

Yellow Face! Yellow Face!