Mr. Gay China Pageant 86’d!

The Fuzz cockblocked what was going to be China’s first gay pageant on Friday, just an hour before the sold-out yet politically sensitive show was to commence, citing “procedural” reasons. Uh huh. We know that trick, eh? Like when authorities here target “undesirable”  businesses, clubs, and restaurants using health and building code violations as an excuse to get them out of the way.

Anyhoo, along with depriving Chinese residents from what was sure to be the most fucking glamorous astounding event ever witnessed (there was gonna be a fashion AND a drag show, you fools!), it’s even more disappointing that authorities tried to impede the Chinese struggle for wider acceptance of LGBTQ community members.

Although gay rights in China have come a long way since the communist revolution — when homosexuality was considered a disease and gay people were persecuted — sodomy was only decriminalized in 1997, and homosexuality was just removed from the official list of mental disorders in 2001. However, China’s first gay pride festival was held in Shanghai last June, along with a five-day Queer Film Festival in Beijing (which police blocked in 2001 and 2005).

photo by Ng Han Guan – AP

Eight men were competing for the title of Mr. Gay China, and a slot in  the Worldwide Mr. Gay pageant in Oslo. After the bust, someone movingly tagged on the wall: “The revolution has not succeeded, comrades need to work harder.” Apparently, comrade is also slang term for gays. You can’t stop THE TRUTH po-pos! Onward, comrades!

Thanks Baby Seal!


Proposition 8 and Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill’s Bay Area Connection ~ UPDATE

If this wasn't a brief sojourn between marches and speeches at an anti-gay conference in Uganda, I would have thought it was a double date with a 5th wheel...

From the SF Chronicle and NY Times: the link between anti-gay American evangelicals (two in NorCal) and a bill in Uganda that would make homosexuality punishable by death. Did I ever tell you how much I love them hate-filled evangelical bible thumpers? If this bill passes, will you be executed if you hold a person’s hand in public? Or do you need actual proof from the bedroom? HATE!!!

In other news, the SF Chronicle is reporting that the upcoming lawsuit to challenge Prop 8 will be broadcast (after its over) on YouTube’s United States District Court for the Northern District of California’s official page. Awesome, cause the hateful folks who will be testifying have to deal with the repercussions of their actions (ie, anti-gay artists makin’ money paintin’ drag queens won’t be testifying).

UPDATE: Justices Block Same-Sex Marriage Trial on YouTube.

Asian Americans Take Over Silicon Valley Local Government

It what can only be described as a long time coming, Cupertino, California, home of Apple Corp, Donut Wheel, and the worst BJ’s Brew Pub ever, finally has a majority Asian American City Council. Growing up in the South Bay, you would have thought the home of every East Asian folk I’ve ever known in my life would have tipped AsAm years ago, especially since there’s only 5 seats. I should note that this doesn’t make the city any more diverse versus other South Bay cities, cause Cupertino will continue to be mostly East Asian and White folks. And this doesn’t mean it’s all love and peace there either. Cause I don’t think they’ll ever get over the White vs Asian mentality that’s been poppin since before I can remember, whether it was a local government issue or whether the 15 valedictorians at Cupertino High were majority Asian or White.

But for now, I wanna thank Cupertino for joining the other two Cali cities with majority Asian American City Councils: Westminster (pronounced Wet-Min-Tur) and Monterey Park (Duh).

Also, quick big ups to Evan Low for becoming the youngest Asian American mayor in America! He is also the youngest gay mayor in the US.

The South Bay has done come up! Take THAT San Francisco!

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Kool-Aid Man in Second Life (NSFW)

Not really safe for work cause the Kool-Aid man is doing some crazy stuff in Second Life. After 4 minutes or so of flying, sky diving, and mechwarrioring, he’s dancing hyphy with a naked black dude (and Asian girl), getting rammed by a Lady GaGa wannabe, and housing with a werewolf in a gay bar (All in the last 1/4 of the 12+ minute video. If all this fun interests you, the Kool-Aid Man is available for tours on Second Life. And if you read this entire post and didn’t say to yourself, “What the hell is Second Life“, you’re a nerd. Thanks to Mr. Wang for the link.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

ATTN: All you Hipster & Yuppie Blue Moon Drinkers

Created by the neocons to reduce leftwing brain cells and to funnel money back to the Man.

Blue Moon: Created by the neocons to reduce leftwing brain cells and to funnel money back to the Man.

Take that orange slice outta your glass of Blue Moon and pour it down the drain. Although you may think you know Blue Moon wheat beet and the Blue Moon Brewing Company, you don’t. You probably discovered Blue Moon at a local beer festival or brewing competition, or at your local bar (on tap with other so-called microbrews). You probably think you’re so cool cause you got the cute bartender to cut up an orange slice to float in your Blue Moon, while that douche to your left has a lemon slice in his Pyramid Hef. What you don’t know is that Blue Moon is a Coors Brewing Company product, purposely NOT advertised by the company as a Coors product. But instead, paraded around the beer tasting festivals and circuits as a “Blue Moon Brewing Company” product. Yes, THAT Coors. The one that has been known to have possibly been in support of some of our favorite movements: pro-Klu Klux Klan, pro-Ward Connerly/anti-Affirmative Action, Pro-Nazi/Anti-Semite, and anti-Gay.

Whereas before, I didn’t have a problem boycotting Coors products because of their neocon ways, this new development is problematic for me. But I do urge you to think before you drink Blue Moon. Not only does the bartender NOT enjoying slicing up oranges for your ass, every bottle you drink is one stepper closer to a whiter, less gay America.

San Francisco Jr. Realizes There are Gays in the Viet Community

Gayasians Represent!

Gayasians Represent, Represent.

Its about time.

Coming from a country that uses a French word for the term “gay” to emphasize how foreign the idea is (pe de) to having the queer community walk alongside with family members at the Lunar New York Tet Festival in San Jose is kind of a big deal. Props to the organizers, you’re doing a great job, but let’s try to beat San Francisco to the punch at some point, yah?

Merry Christmas to Some and to All a Good Night!


6 lbs 6 oz of Baby Jesus.

All 6 lbs 6 oz of Him.



As a non-practicing Catholic, I generally do not go to church. But on Holy Days of Obligation, like Christmas Day, there is no where else I’d rather be than with my parents, heading to Church, then grabbing some Pho or Mi Hoang Thanh afterwards. I went to a Catholic high school, which is what pushed me away from the idea of organized religion. But the one thing I did learn in high school was the Jesuit way of teaching Catholicism, which is very controversial for many Catholics because the order is not completely against homosexuality or women in the priesthood. Which is, for many, equivalent to aborting babies in the parking lot of the Vatican. So it pains me a lot to listen to the sermons when I go to my parents’ church, Santa Maria Goretti, a predominantly Latino, Filipino, and Vietnamese church. Where the priests come directy from Quezon City, PI and the choir is singing half of the hymms in Tagalog. It pains me because the Catholic Church has, for a few years now, been on a very exclusive tip. For example, the Christmas day sermon for us was about how the Non-Catholics have appropriated the holiday with their Christmas trees, Santa Clauses, and spending sprees. Lost is the true spirit of Christmas, which is the birth of Jesus Christ. “Happy Holidays” he concludes, is a term created by the Non-Christians to commercialize the “Holy Day”. We should, in fact, say “Merry Christmas” only. You know, like true Catholics. What kills me also is that NO ONE IN THE CHURCH is listening. Blank stares and horsing around mostly. Most of the time, I’m sitting there with a look of disdain listening to the priest talk, because I want to raise my hands and debate the guy. If people around me were listening, they’d be nodding their heads, right?! Is Christmas time, which is for a lot of people, the only time that family get together, a time we should really be debating the merits of saying Merry Christmas versus saying Happy Holidays? Its a good thing no one’s ever listening in church…