Noddy and ‘Yes on 74’

This November in Washington state, approval/rejection of gay marriage will be on the ballot under Referendum 74. Even though a bill legalizing same-sex marriage was passed and signed into law by Governor Christine Gregoire back in February, the day before the law was to take effect, haters and basic b*tches submitted enough signatures to put personal choice and marriage rights up for public vote.

In response, local organizations and musicians have been advocating for approval of Referendum 74, including my own band Noddy. Theez Queens just released our new EP Yes on 74, which is available for download — with all proceeds through October 31st benefiting Washington United for Marriage. So subject yourself, won’t you — to the sickening, exxxtravagant, everythang sounds of Noddy (backup yodelin’ and (butt)trumpeting courtesy of yours truly). No tea no shade, it’s for a good cause. YASS hunty, and YASS on 74! Let’s get our marriage on!


Obama Officially Endorses Gay Marriage

Today, our POTUS Obama — in a historical statement — publicly endorsed same-sex marriage. MAWWIAGE!!! Or rather,


HUZZAH!! A significant and positive step in the journey towards equal rights. On the heels of this announcement, as with all momentous events, a Tumblr was created: ‘When Obama Endorsed Marriage Equality….we all partied. With .GIFs.’

Some fine selections include:

The Carleton Dance:

A touch of Dowager Countess sass:

…and of course, one of the most sickening queens OF ALL TIME, Latrice muthafrickin Royale!!

…ALL OF IT!! Especially you, Amendment 1 of North Carolina.

And Prez Obama…Shante, you stay.


Thanks Sherilyn!

William ‘Hoebag’ Tam Pushes Prop 8 Until Shit Gets Real

Heard of William Tam? Up ’til today, neither had I. Heard of Prop 8? Welp, apparently Tam has been one of the lead campaigners behind Prop 8, as well as a proud card-carryin’ member of the Traditional Family Coalition.

Tam has also argued that allowing gay marriage would lead to the legalization of sex with children, and has commented: “We hope to convince Asian Americans that gay marriage will encourage more children to experiment with the gay lifestyle and that the lifestyle comes with all kinds of disease.”

Well, you ain’t convinced this one! HIV/AIDS, often considered a “gay disease”, disproportionately affects straight women of color, who represent the largest portion of new cases, with AIDS the leading cause of death among African American women aged 25 to 34. So check yourself (and your facts), Tam.

Tam also wrote a letter promoting himself as a litigant in the Perry v. Schwarzenegger court case — in which plaintiffs Perry seek to have federal courts strike down Prop 8 as unconstitutional. His letter included bigoted language like: “One by one, other states would fall into Satan’s hands. Every child, when growing up, would fantasize marrying someone of the same sex. More children would become homosexuals.”

Because homosexuality is caused not by genetics — as those fancy scientists with their “research” and “evidence” like to claim — but by Beezlebub himself. And gays lead such an envied lifestyle, what with all the FASH-ON, glamorous drag queens, and snarky wit (just ignore the hate crimes, rejection by loved ones, and that other icky stuff), that kids these days are hypnotized by visions of one day joining the hallowed halls of queerness.

Perry v. Hoebag

Now that the case is proceeding to what could be a very public trial, Tam is feeling the heat and fears the publicity will bring unwanted attention upon him and his family. So he has asked to be withdrawn as a defendant. Now while I can respect wanting to protect your family from threats and violence, Tam didn’t extend the same consideration to those wicked gays he has so avidly advocated for curtailing their rights.

Bummer that this kind of PropH8er (term coined by Sherdizz) horseshit has come from an Asian American. For shame, Bill. For shame. And for attempting to propag8 your evil, repulsive Haterade Crusade among Asianfolk, you have earned yourself the top spot on BCB’s Hoebag List (personally, I think someone this worked up over lil’ ol’ gay matrimony is hiding something….like his love for delectable juicy peen). Let’s all give a holler and a swaller to Bill Tam, Queen of Hoebags!

Thanks Sherdizzle!

Urban Outfitter Founder is a Staunch Conservative – What?!

I was going to start a new category called “Hipster Hypocrisy”, but I can’t imagine another blog post ever needing that tag… So bottomline is that Richard Hayne, Founder of Urban Outfitters (or “Dick” Hayne if you went to UPenn, where the founder started Urban Outfitters) hates the gays. Huh? You’re probably thinking back on your last trip to Urban and wondering if you saw a pro-gay marriage shirt alongside the Big Lebowski shirts (cause BL is the new Swingers for this generation’s hipster movie cool),  “Things Go Better With Coke” shirts (I get it, its Coca-Cola! Not, umm…), “Pittsburgh: City of Champions” shirts (I get it! Its hipster ironic cause Pittsburgh actually sucks balls!), or anti-Bush/Pro-Obama shirts (wh-what? I guess this is where the hypocrisy comes in! They even have the nerve to use a NY Times article clipping for the Obama shirt! urgh).

But the worst offense was letting shirts like “New Mexico: Cleaner Than Regular Mexico” pass on by despite all the racial steretypes and sexual innuendos that are typically on Urban shirts, but not allowing a Pro-Gay Marriage shirt to sell after one week on the shelf despite the fact that there was little negative fanfare about the message. The shirt just says “I Support Gay Marriage” in the obligatory all-over print, yet it was pulled from California shelves for only one possible reason: The Founder, tricky Dick Hayne. Apparently, he responded by saying the shirt was selling and threw in “but my CEO’s gay!” Right, cause after ONE WEEK you know the shirts not going to sell… 


But I guess SOME people knew all about this, cause in August of last year a group of “anti-hipster hooligans” destroyed the inside of an Urban Outfitter in Milwaukee.  But I get it. Fine. Dick, you were once a liberal when you graduated college. You originally named your first store The Free People Store. And some of us stay progressive, while others follow Churchill’s words: 

“Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.”

But this doesn’t mean you can sit up there in your office and sell us this Obama shirt, and this Obama shirt, and this Obama shirt, and this Pro-Communist shirt, and this anti-Bush shirt, and this “America: Under New Management” shirt, with nary a message that supports any of your own views and think I won’t call out your ass for being a hypocrite. 

San Francisco Jr. Realizes There are Gays in the Viet Community

Gayasians Represent!

Gayasians Represent, Represent.

Its about time.

Coming from a country that uses a French word for the term “gay” to emphasize how foreign the idea is (pe de) to having the queer community walk alongside with family members at the Lunar New York Tet Festival in San Jose is kind of a big deal. Props to the organizers, you’re doing a great job, but let’s try to beat San Francisco to the punch at some point, yah?

Open Letter to All Californians Who Voted YES on 8

Dear Bigots:

What the fuck is your problem?? Who are YOU to deny the CIVIL RIGHT of ANYONE else? You fucktards. Take your conservative religious views and stuff it up yo ass.

Now, that I have your attention, I just want to ask, why did you vote yes? Why? Why? Well, there are three reasons why I think your ignorant asses marked YES on your ballots yesterday.

1. You think it will affect your children’s education.

2. You hate gay people.

3. Both of the above.

First of all, in no way shape or form is it required in schools to teach any child about marriage in the state of California. Jack O’Fucking Connell even made a television commercial to tell you that it has NOTHING to do with education! So where the hell did you get this idea that same sex marriage/relationship is a part of the educational curriculum in schools. Now, in my opinion, so what if it is?! But, it isn’t. SO your first reason has no validity whatsoever you dumbass.

Secondly, you think a man&man or woman&woman marriage/relationship threatens family values? Really? If you want to rid all things that undermine family values and the sanctity of marriage then protest against shows about golddiggers wanting to marry a millionaire or 25 cougars trying to win over the heart of a douchey whiteboy. Don’t tell me that same sex marriages, or even the LGTBQ community in general undermines your holy standards and values when there are a plethora of other things in this society that goes well beyond what is “traditional” family values. I don’t see you up and arms at divorce courts or outside of the law offices of divorce lawyers protesting the fact that divorce rates in this country is overwhelming over 50%, because doesn’t divorce also undermine your holy standards?? So if the reason you voted yes on 8 is because you hate gay people, then I hope your face gets smeared in shit tomorrow.

The LGTBQ community, just like you homophobes, have every right to get married, have babies, and realize that they aren’t compatible and get a divorce just like YOU. So, again, who the hell are you to deny them that right?


One of the 48% who voted AGAINST 8

ps. for all of you who are curious to know what dumbasses contributed to the YES on 8 campaign, check out sfgate’s database.