Friday Fuckery: Panda Pooch

I’ve always liked animals that look like other animals. Like how Shiba Inus look like foxes and Persian cats look like retarded bears.
So I feel China’s newest fad of dyeing pets to look like other animals really brings together the best of both worlds:
Apparently the rising middle class in China is finding new and creative ways to spend money on their pets. And I wonder how much they’ll be spending on doggie therapy to deal with their inevitable identity crises. Anyhoo, I want a dog that looks like a unicorn or a Pegasus. Has that been done?

via the National Post

Thanks Baby Seal!

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August Monthly Racism Round-Up:

Welcome kids to another month’s edition of the BcB Monthly Racism Round-Up (somewhat late for August). Why do we do this? Cause racism, just like spam, is cheap, available everywhere, and easily spread! (I stole that from Orlando Jones in MadTV).



Let’s start with something subtle. AzNHeartThrob’s been following the PlayStation 3 Slim and its price drop to $299 cause I’m a nerd. So I’ve been reading about Senior Vice President of Product Development of Sony AMERICA, and in this recent interview with Gamespot, I almost lost my lid:

“As part of GameSpot’s chat with Yoshida–who speaks fluent English–the executive offered insight as to why Sony chose to introduce the PS3 Slim and cut the device’s price at the same time”

It should be noted that Yoshida is VP of Sony AMERICA and went to UCLA’s Anderson School of Business Administration. So yes, I would assume he’s fluent in English, but thank you Gamespot for reminding us of the obvious. On an unrelated note, Shaun McInnis, Gamespot writer, can read, write, and speak English.


Something pretty damn blatant: A Red Dawn remake? Is Patrick Swayze gonna be in it? Either way, they’re switching out the now harmless Ruskies for the currently most hated/dangerous country out there. China? Really? Carl Ellsworth, the screenwriter, from a Red Dawn Wiki page:

“The tone is going to be very intense, very much keeping in mind the post-9/11 world that we’re in. As ‘Red Dawn’ scared the heck out of people in 1984, we feel that the world is kind of already filled with a lot of paranoia and unease, so why not scare the hell out of people again? It was later revealed that the Chinese would be the invaders and they would be aided by the Russians later on.”

At least hollywood will be paying for some Asian American actors to get murdered by gunpoint or bombed on-screen. A job’s a job, right Ken Jeong?

Lastly, something subtle, but for dogs:

“There’s not a lot of that type of statistics on many aspects of sheltering,” says Kim Intino, the director of animal sheltering issues for the Humane Society of the United States. “But I think that every person that has worked in a shelter can attest that in shelters animals with black coats can be somewhat harder to adopt out — or to even get noticed.”

What? Even for dogs? Really? I can’t imagine the same is true for cats… but this is still disheartening all the same. And if you don’t think is true, READ BLINK by Malcolm Gladwell. It’ll change your mind.

People and their Damn Precious Dogs

Good boy! Run free as the wind!

Good boy! Run free as the wind!

Tribeca, New York.
So what’s up with people letting their damn dogs run wild all over the street? Yesterday me and sj were walking on the sidewalk and this dude comes from the opposite direction. Now, there’s plenty of room on the street, but Guy Smiley here decides to walk RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE. Not keeping a reasonable distance, or hugging his side of the curb (like we are), but ALL up in our area. And as a bonus, dude has a huge german shepherd. On a very loose leash. When he comes up close, the dog bounds over in front of us to do his sniffin and shit, and the leash totally blocks our path like a police line so that we have to stop and wait awkwardly. Now, if this D-bag had scooted over about a foot or two, or tightened his grip, problem solved! But he acts like he own the entire street, letting this mutt directly in our path and practically elbowing me as he passes by – all casual with a smirk on his punk face. What are we, invisible? This man needs a neckchop!!