Banana 2 Recap

It’s been just over a week since the Banana 2 convening of APIA bloggers went down in Studio City, Los Angeles on February 26th. And boy howdy, what an incredible gathering it was.

BCB attended last year — and major props to Lac Su (I Love Yous Are for White People) and Steve Nguyen (channelAPA) for masterminding and producing the conference through pure sweat, love, and determination from the very beginning. But Banana 2, with over 200 attendees, a slick venue (including a big-ass twitter wall), and a well-oiled agenda, was leagues ahead of the inaugural 2009 convening.

pic by Diana Wei

I was juiced to moderate the “niche communities” panel, titled: “Fixated: Topic-specific Blogging”. While I’m happy to report that I met my ambitious goal of not upchucking during the Q & A or falling off the stage, what really made the session a success was the engaging, sharp panel of bloggers: N’jaila Rhee (Blasian Bytch), Jot Vorapaychith (Live LAO’d), Jason Sperber (Rice Daddies) and Marvin Gapultos (Burnt Lumpia & Manila Machine). Check ’em out, they are ’bout it ’bout it.

pics by Diana Wei

And although AzN didn’t fulfill his dream of meeting Gary Sinise at the after-party on the CSI:NY set, he can say that he parked in the same lot as his new fave show of all time forever and ever amen…Outsourced.

Hope to see y’all next year at an even bigger and better B3!

UStream of the Topic-specific blogging session and other B2 panels here.

Post-panel interview with Ted Nguyen here.

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