Bruce Lee Tribute Day at AT&T Park

Why a September 4th Bruce Lee Tribute Day in the San Francisco Giants AT&T ballpark rather than the Mariner’s Safeco Field? Cause he was born in SF YO! How can you NOT want to go to this game and cop this and also see his wife throw the first pitch?

Wait, its $200 for a ticket to get the bobblehead? Maybe I’ll just go to Star Wars tribute night instead… Shit that’s $200 also? I’ll just watch from home…


Top 5 Bruce Lee Movies

BCB faves The National Film Society and Phil Yu (Angry Asian Man) recently joined forces to make this delightful “Top 5 Bruce Lee Movies” video. It does not disappoint, and being fellow Bruce Lee fans, BCB would be remiss without a repost/shoutout:

Excellent commentary. I especially appreciate acknowledgment of how messing with someone’s jewelry is legit grounds for a fight. I too feel the rage when some random comes up and gets all handsy on my jade Kwun Yum necklace. BAD TOUCH! WATAAHHH!!!

Top Five Asian Hotties

Patrick and Stephen of The National Film Society made a noteworthy video last month paying tribute to their “Top 5 Asian Hotties”. And it’s not Grace Park, Olivia Munn, or Ling Valentine — but hottie Asian MENS!

WARNING: Contains shirtless Harry Shum Jr….gird your loins, people.

I appreciate the commentary here, especially the attention to details like tracksuit panache, bone structure, and…abs that could knock your teeth out. While Bruce Lee is a DUH and in my opinion should be “#1 Asian Hottie Supreme of the Galaxy For Ever and Ever Amen”, I like the inclusion of unusual suspects — like the manly, bellowing Toshiro Mifune. Again, great attention to detail, guys. Cheers and long live the hotness.

The Grand Masters: Wong Kar-Wai Does Yip Man

I probably don’t have to convince you that Wong Kar-Wai is one of the most captivating, influential, and lush filmmakers on the face of the planet.  He’s made some of my most-worshiped films, like Fallen Angels and Chungking Express. I also love his movies for featuring equally breathtaking actors — like Wong Faye, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and Michelle Reis.

So of course I’m juiced about this newly released trailer for The Grand Masters — Wong’s biopic of Wing Chun legend and Bruce Lee’s Sifu: Yip Man.

A gung fu period piece is a departure for Wong, but I can’t wait to see his trademark cinematic style applied to a genre and character that I’m already a fan of (Donnie Yen in Ip Man and Ip Man 2 makes me go all woot woot and pump my fist like I’m at an MMA match, y’all).

While there’s been a buttload of films made about Yip Man in recent years, I’m sure Wong Kar-Wai’s treatment will blow most of them out of the water. And true to casting tradition, The Grand Masters stars a timelessly hot Tony Leung (Little Tony) as well as Zhang Ziyi.

This is Wong’s first film since 2007, and unfortunately isn’t going be released until sometime in 2012. Til then, I will entertain myself with another type of “Grandmaster”:

That’ll do.

Thanks Princess!

Friday Fuckery: Bruce is That You?

So — again, I’ve been making more trips to the comic book store by my office in the last few weeks than I care to admit (I don’t feel like being judged today). On my last visit I spotted this postcard by the cash register — which I was compelled by my DNA to pick up. On the back of the card, the image reads: “Bruce Lee.”

Wha?! Now I’m no esoteric archives expert, but that don’t look like no Bruce to me. The ‘stache, the stockier body build, um – THE FACE seem waaay off. Dear readers, can you help me out here?

Is this a case of mistaken All-Rook-Same identity, or maybe an obscure photo from “Bruce: The Chunky Years” collection? Let’s get to the bottom of this so I’ll know if I can go back to the store and act hella indignant and righteous while buying the second trade of Chew and back issues of ElfQuest. Ahem.

The Daniel LaRusso Plot Line

I watched The Love Guru today. Why? For my favorite Non-Latina of course. What can I say other than it was bad. Although I can’t speak on behalf of my South Asian brothers like my buddy Waj on his WordPress blog, I can say the movie did flash me back to all the Hollywood hits that constantly remind us why white people



will always be better than Asians.



Poor Johnny Tran, he had no chance. He had no idea that the same plot line occurred 15 years prior, and I’m sorry to report, Yuji Okumoto from Karate Kid II lost the karate match, his girl Tamlyn Tomita, and apparently his Hollywood career.



Which leads me to the Daniel LaRusso Plot Line, one of Hollywood’s favorite go-to movie plot lines. Almost used as often as the African-American teen dramady “It’s a tie! Let’s have a dance/drum/freestyle rap-off” plot line (Stomp the Yard, You’ve Got Served, Drumline), the Daniel LaRusso originates from the great Karate Kid II, where the multi-talented Ralph Macchio (aka Daniel LaRusso) out-Karate’s the evil Japanese Chozen to win Kumiko’s heart… only to realize they were both replaced by Academy Award winning Hillary Swank in the sequel.


And these aren’t the only movies that show us why white people can do things Asians can do, but only better. Not only can they tune better rice rockets and karate chop harder, but they can play ping pong better



and of course, be better Gurus. Which brings me back to the Love Guru. Mike Meyers plays a White American guru who studies under the great Sir Ben Kingsley (who should be de-knighted and have his Ghandi Best Actor Academy Award taken away for his portrayal of a cross-eyed Guru). Myers, of course, spends the whole movie trying to beat out Deepak Chopra to be the best South Asian spiritual leader in America. Except for the fact that… well, HE’S NOT SOUTH ASIAN! And I’m not even going to get into the whole Bollywood rip-off scenes. I can’t speak on behalf of another culture, so you can check out the big musical number yourself and tell me if its racist:



I wish Hollywood learned its lesson when they picked David Carradine over Bruce Lee, but apparently not. You know how bad its gotten? I don’t know anyone else that is as angry about the plotline to James Bond, Die Another Day as much as me (did anyone even SEE this one?). But that movie takes the cake. The main bad guy, a North Korean army general REALIZES that white people are better, and actually goes through a dangerous state of the art surgery (in Cuba) to go from this ugly mug:



to this debonair PYT in a tux:



But, sadly, I’m a guy, and the lesson I learned from The Love Guru (and even Waj agrees with this one), is that Mrs. Cash Warren looks great in a sari, and that’s all that really matters, riggghttt fellas??? hello? right?