The Reverse Cash Warren Complex

AzN has written about his spitefulness towards Cash Warren in the past. The theory is, no one is good enough to date Jessica Alba. So when I was watching this week’s episode of Parks and Recreation for my Aziz-fix, I decided to Google who Rashida Jones was dating. I unfairly assumed that the Harvard-educated, (almost) future sister-in-law of 2Pac, back-up vocalist to Maroon 5, daughter of Quincy Jones/Julie from the Mod Squad would be dating a Cash Warren-type. ummmm. No. You know how we like all of Barack Obama’s speeches? Yes, they all come from the President’s head and his mouth, but meet the man that Obama calls his “mindreader”, aka, Jon Favreau (not THAT Jon Favreau), Obama’s Director of Speechwriting (my first thought was, HE has a director of speechwriting???):

Yes, Rashida Jones went from Spider-Man (only fanboys know how to spell Spider-Man correctly) to Mark Ronson to Seth Meyers to John Krasinski to Jon “You want to be me more than you want to be Cash Warren” Favreau. And you know what? I thought I’d be jealous of HIM, but it turns out, I’m a little jealous of HER. Pause.

Extra points for being under 30, Jon. And for getting caught with this photo on your Facebook. To NOT cup Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s boob during a kegger is UN-AMERICAN (not the reverse).


The Promise: An Interactive Portfolio about the Civil-Rights Era by The New Yorker

Head over to The New Yorker now to check out this amazing audio pictorial:

An interactive portfolio about the civil-rights era, with contemporary portraits by Platon, historical photographs, interviews, and audio commentary by David Remnick, whose written introduction appears below the portfolio. -The New Yorker.

Thanks ePanda!

Blagojevich Thinks He’s Blacker than President Obama

hmmm. Maybe its just a shadow and shading effect, but Blagovich still looks pretty damn White in this pict.

Another day of stupidity from the ousted Illi’ gov’ner. From February’s Esquire Magazine via Yahoo News:

In the article, Blagojevich refers to the president as “this guy,” and says Obama was elected based simply on hope.

“What the (expletive)? Everything he’s saying’s on the teleprompter,” Blagojevich told the magazine for a story that hits newsstands Jan. 19.

“I’m blacker than Barack Obama. I shined shoes. I grew up in a five-room apartment. My father had a little laundromat in a black community not far from where we lived,” Blagojevich said. “I saw it all growing up.”

Ahhh yes. Blagojevich must have Avatar syndrome and thinks he can out minority the minorities cause he used to shine shoes and had a laundromat running dad. Does he think he’s more Asian than me cause he’s been working hard for the money and loves watching CBS shows hosted by Julie Chen? What a genius. I hope his dad still has that laundromat so he has something to fall back on.

And the Nobel Prize Goes to…

President Obama? You sure as hell it does! And for those of you that doubt cause he hasn’t closed Guantanamo Bay yet or cause the war(s) still be ragin’, there’s one thing you can’t deny. Those hot cocoa sippin’, Volvo driving (when they ain’t bikin’), Ikea shoppin’, Heineken drankin’, tall as hell Scandanavians sure do love them some Obama. Or Europe is guilty for denying Barack’s hometown the Olympics (you think the Southside is dangerous? Try running around the favelas in search of a cheap Christ the Redeemer souvenir and I’ll buy you bleacher seats to a White Sox game).

You'd think the Nobel Foundation could do better than an 8.5" x 11" printout pict of the President.

Asians Love to Admonish Bad Behavior

Leave it to my boy Anh “Call me Joseph” Cao, Republican (!) from Louisiana (who BcB has covered in the past) to be part of a handful of Republicans that voted to admonish good ‘old boy Joe Wilson from the Grand Ole Party for his “YOU LIE!” conniption at President Obama. After the vote, Joe Wilson reacts to the vote and basically says we should all focus our attention on smashing Universal Health Care.

But the worst part has to be Joe Wilson’s milking of his new found celebrity. Just emailing buddies about this crap made my gmail adsense pop up this site: “Stand for Truth, Stand for Joe Wilson!”

And to say the man isn’t racist is an outright lie. You can’t be calling my man Jimmy Carter a liar young Joe Wilson. Even if its questionable whether or not he’s cool with a Black President, he’s definitely not cool with providing any health care to illegal immigrants, which is why he got in this mess in the first place…

So props to Cao for crossing party lines to give the Asian look of disgust and disappointment at Joe Wilson. The same Asian parent look that led me away from Cambodian gangbanger friends in  jr. high should help keep Wilson in check in the House.

PS. Googling “Joe Wilson” in google images SHOULD NOT bring up pictures of Kanye and Taylor Swift. That blog post is coming soon after I figure out how to work my new I am T-Pain autotune app.

Thanks to A-Rex for the Cao mention.

“CHU ANGRRY!” on The Daily Show with John Stewart

Not sure if we mentioned this when Chinese American(!) Dr. Steven Chu first got appointed Secretary of Energy back in January. But I wanted to give this fellow Golden Bear big ups (and no Stanfurd, you can’t claim him just cause he taught at the Farm). Not only is he smart (come on, what Berkeley grad student ISN’T, right?), progressive (YES! The world is getting warmer!), a nobel laureate (which means he had a coveted parking space ON CAMPUS at Cal), but he’s also pretty damn funny in a “I spent a little too much time in lab on the northside of campus and ate Gomnaru’s chicken plate for lunch AND dinner… daily… for 3 months” (See him on The Daily Show below).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

On a similar note, AzNHeartThrob is now officially back in the Bay (East Bay to be exact). I have taken up a job in a non-profit working on, you guessed it, green house emission legislation and making sure when Schwarzenegger and the boys in Sactown tie it to land use planning locally, it doesn’t adversely harm low income communities of color. BORING stuff, but exactly the kind of stuff I wanted to do (to impress people at cocktail parties). Yea ladies! Line up single file to my right! Fellas! Line up to my left for high fives!

Obama vs. the Birthers

In what can only be seen as further fractioning in the Republican Party, many voices in the Good Ole Party are starting to scream a little more loudly over Barack Obama’s literal “un-Americanism”. I wouldn’t bring this up, if it wasn’t brought up by Rush “prescription pills are Jesus’ Candy” Limbaugh and mentioned about in this NY Times article. Hell, we even have a name for these A-holes: BIRTHERS. They’re screaming for his birth certificate, which the damn Hawaii Department of Health already showed us:


So what more do you want? I understand you Birthers are out of topics to discuss and still bitter about the 7% loss in November. But seriously, who the hell is going to fake a birth certificate in 1961 for a newborn baby WITH THE ANTICIPATION THAT HE’LL BECOME PRESIDENT? You need the damn thing for jobs and a passport and all that crap, so he sure as hell didn’t fake one when he was a Senator in the anticipation that he’d be President. And if you think he did it back then to be an American citizen, you’re forgetting his mom, Ann Dunham, was from Kansas. How much more damn American can you get? The most famous person from Kansas ever, Clark Kent, wasn’t even born in Kansas. You wanna f’n debate how much of an American superhero Superman is because he was born on Krypton (nerd)??!!

So seriously, shout all you want about how un-American Barack Obama is, and question whether he was born in Kenya or in Honolulu. I’m fine with that, cause y’all are raging idiots. Just don’t come knocking on my door for a Constitutional Amendment when you Pubes want Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzeneggerto run for President.