A Tribute to Bacon by Sheng Wang

BcB favorite Sheng Wang describes the joys of bacon:

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Danger Dogs No More… in LA (I’ll seeya on the 16th Street in The Mission at 11)

In case you were questioning whether bacon wrapped hot dogs in The Mission in SF were better than the ones in L.A., your question has already been answered, cause bacon is now banned from being sold on the streets of L.A. unless vendors purchase a $26,000 hot dog cart that stores the bacon properly. ppsshhhT! Like I’d want bacon wrapped hot dogs THAT clean? Thank god unlicensed vendors still slang sell the “danger dogs”… Too bad they get slapped with heavy fines if caught (and the vendors that abide by the law and sell dogs with no bacon get NO love). New laws that indirectly affect minorities like the Mexican Americans in LA? Gotta love the LA County Health Dept!