Blood Bath! Steven Ho Gets Gruesome on Conan


Happy World Goth Day to all us dark-souled, black-hearted ghouls & gremlins! FOREVER ALLOOOOONNNE!!!

Keeping WGD in mind, it was good timing and tangentially relevant that BCB’s ol’ pally Steven Ho — despite having his arms full with real Asian baby twins (alas, Conan’s fake Asian Baby got raffled off on YouTube)  — walloped Conan with another action-packed plus BLOOD-DRENCHED appearance a couple days ago….and it literally GUSHED with gory goodness (sorry)!

If I had a quarter for every time someone said to me, “So, I’m gonna stick my sword inside you”….. I would have 50 cents. ANYHOO I learned a lot about how Hollywood works from watching these segments, including THIS awesome “dummy-soft-shoe-hand-punch-kick-to-the-face” trick (just watch, it will all make sense) and how they will serve you fake movie blood in a nice shot glass (FYI don’t swallow). Classy shit! Side note: WHO is that hawt stunt piece with the axe & the earring?? (good band name). Yowza. Talk about gettin that blood pumping.

As always, Steven Ho kills it…and You Will Know Him By the Trail of Dead left in his grisly wake…Good Stuff! Great Fun! Uh, I mean….the victims have been bled…strewn with time’s dead flowers…bereft in deathly bloom

Thanks Steven!



Anne Geddes and Megan’s Law

When you ask me who single-handedly commits the most crimes against babies, one name comes up: Anne Geddes. I would like to give you a big BcB thumbs middle finger up for two reasons:

1. Finally giving us some color, thank you Asian baby Fiona for sleeping why the devil-incarnate, Anne Geddes, slips a butterfly outfit on you. But wait, what? She put you in a YELLOW butterfly costume? Out of all the colors in the rainbow (am I being too sensitive?) why in the hell does it have to be yellow? Cause you don’t know where the costume ends and Fiona begins?!



Anne: "Hmm, eyes open or closed? Whatever, I wouldn't know the difference anyway..."


2. Forcing me to join to find this damn picture, which I saw YEARS ago and incensed me so much, I was just reminded of it today. Does your army of copyright lawyers spend 24/7 searching online for illicit digital copies of your images floating in cyberspace? Cause I couldn’t find NAN on Google Images. And hopefully AzN don’t get no email from your people about the image above…