Racially Diverse Emojis, Now with Oriental Yellow!

True, emojis have been sorely lacking in the melanin department, and even borderline racist (the only current “ethnic” emojis are a dude with some sort of turban-thing, a guy with a mandarin cap, and one wearing a cossack hat)…so having the option to add pigment is definitely positive (as well as same sex couples and families).

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.33.57 AMBut Gawddamn, why the Asian emoji gotta be so YELLOW? Like, not even a tawny, golden, mellow-yellow hue…but fluorescent HI-LITER, jaundiced Hep C (shoutout to Puj D!), Pantone Yellow 108. Dude straight up looks like Pac-Man.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.34.16 AMApple countered by saying the yellow tone is intended to be “ethnically neutral” and apparently there’s a precedent for it this “default, non-ethnic” color (more on that here). Yeah ok, that may make sense in techie-speak, but this attempt at multicultural inclusion seems ridiculously naive and wack in the face of social and racial reality…sound familiar, tech industry? Oh, the irony.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.47.35 AMvia HuffPo

*Thanks to Puj & Noms for the emojinspiration


Foxconn Tour

There’s nothing I love more than communist propaganda films that don’t seem like government or pseudo-government funded films. My favorite of course is the first No Reservations with Bourdain in Vietnam. The second? This new Foxconn video of how nice and safe it is in iPhone-land. Will this make me buy or not buy an iPhone? You tell me. I tend to have this debate often with my white coworkers who always get a little awkward with me when I tell them this company would be welcomed with open arms in Vietnam and if you’re worried about Foxconn, you should be worried about the hundreds of other countries out there that DON’T have a Foxconn.

Jessie Jackson Jr Blames China, iPad for US Recession

This is the second time in one week I’ve heard a Blame China rant when the topic should be the US recession. Seriously folks, we’re going back into the Cold War with these lame arguments. I’d like everyone to read up on what country would fall apart first if China were to tumble (if you said the US, you get a free Cup o’ Noodle).

I guess I can SORT OF understand his argument about importing jobs, but seriously, does JJJ really want Foxconn in his congressional district? Last time I checked, INNOVATION was the American economic spirit, not INDUSTRIALIZATION. What is this, Manchester in the 1800’s? Apple brings jobs to the US, not the other way around. Apple is the FIRST American company to create a piece of electronic that other companies cannot copycat or outright copy. See Samsung. When I was in Hong Kong this year, I saw really frustrated people working the counter at Golden Computer Arcade in Sham Shui Po cause for the first time, there was a product that was all over the world that couldn’t be knocked off and profited from. The iPhone’s interface, iOS and apps cannot be copied. Sure you can get a phone that LOOKS like an iPhone (See Samsung), but every iPhone sold is bringing $ back to Cupertino, California. Which is, last time I checked in American (and hella Asian yo!). Oh, and Steve Jobs called, he wanted to thank you for buying an iPad. Cause buying a Galaxy Tab is un-American (ring ring. hello? Oh, what? Google makes Androids and Google is an American company in Mountain View, California? hella Asians yo!

Apple Ends Lives.

Sure, an Apple engineer stupid enough to lose an iPhone 4.0 prototype at a Redwood City bar got his ass handed to him last week (who the F even kicks it in that town, really?). The talk was everywhere. NY Times. WSJ. UK Times. This Apple engineer pretty much ruined Apple’s summer by unveiling the iPhone at a random RDub City bar instead of allowing S-Jobs to drop the phone this summer with a “one more thing” moment at Moscone. Yes, he did. But did he run over to the Golden Gate Bridge and nosedive off? Did he commit Seppuku in front of the pagoda in Jtown? Drown himself in Lake Merritt? No, of course not. So what happened to a young women at the Foxconn factory that manufactures Apple products after she lost a prototype? SUICIDE. Isolated incident for the big ass electronics manufacturing plant with dormitories and dining commons? No. FOUR ATTEMPTED SUICIDES IN THE LAST 4 WEEKS. This can’t be a coincidence. There’s something going on. The pressure of releasing these babies, under a shroud of secrecy, in mass quantities at cheap pricing points is doing something to the human labor that actually churns things devices out. Maybe I’ll just wait until there’s not a huge demand for the iPad before I buy one…

There’s an Ap for That

Say you’re a White guy working in finance in WeHo and you end up marrying a Chinese wife who keeps her ethnic last name, Cao. Is it no surprise that you own an iPhone? I guess not.

Click for the full video from Apple.com

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And if you think I’m reading too much into this or how I know the guy holding the phone is White (Johnny Appleseed, generic Apple user extraordinaire), then we should meet up for drinks at BJs.