My New Apartment

I too would like to live like Korben Dallas in the Fifth Element in a one room apartment that changes to a bedroom, kitchen, living room. I don’t know how this architect will make any cash architecting for the rich in HK though – how does the apartment transform to a Filipina domestic worker’s living quarters? I hope to God he doesn’t have a pantry for her… And what happens when you want to get a drink in the kitchen while in your bed? Or while watching a movie? Or you need to take a shower while your wifey is sleeping in bed?


For Rent: 178 Sq Ft Apartment in Clinton Hill

Click for a slideshow of 178 sq ft of beautiful brooklyn studio wonder. Careful you don't topple over the stack of untouched national geographics.

It doesn’t upset me that this guy is paying $900 for a studio in Brooklyn, or that he lives in Clinton Hill, or that his apartment is 178 square feet, or that the apt is filled with all sorts of pack rat crap, or that he looks like a douche.

What annoys me is this guy landed a junior designer position in a NYC architecture firm without any knowledge of CAD or design or architecture just cause he took pictures of the interior of his apartment and sent it in with his resume. You just mocked and ridiculed my four years of undergrad cause you know how to put a model plane next to some ironic salt and pepper shakers. DOUCHE