And I Slowly Fall to My Knees: ABDC Canceled

Look what the evil MTV overlords hath wrought: the cancellation of the all-time most swagtastic reality show of ever (besides RuPaul’s Drag Race, duh): America’s Best Dance Crew! Nuhuhoooo!

It’s terrible, and it’s true. After 7 glorious seasons, BCB fave ABDC will light up our lives no longer. Along with mourning the loss of stereotype-busting, positively superfly Asian American representation on TV, I’m also shedding a nostalgic and grateful tear for the show that spotlighted so many of my future ex-husbands and fap fodder (notably Quest Crew’s Victor Kim and Ryan Feng, ya big smexy galoot).

We salute you, Jabbawockeez, Kaba Modern, Quest Crew, Poreotix, and all the other b-girls, b-boys, and APIA crazy leg shitkickers.

And I hate to admit it, but I’ll even miss Mario Lopez’s corny ass, with his singularly unique brand of teeth-grinding awkwardness combined with inappropriately tight jeans.

You will be missed but not forgotten, ABDC.

Thanks to Keith Chow!


Top 5 Bruce Lee Movies

BCB faves The National Film Society and Phil Yu (Angry Asian Man) recently joined forces to make this delightful “Top 5 Bruce Lee Movies” video. It does not disappoint, and being fellow Bruce Lee fans, BCB would be remiss without a repost/shoutout:

Excellent commentary. I especially appreciate acknowledgment of how messing with someone’s jewelry is legit grounds for a fight. I too feel the rage when some random comes up and gets all handsy on my jade Kwun Yum necklace. BAD TOUCH! WATAAHHH!!!

Blacklava X The Yellow Peril Dildo

Hey BCBers! Blacklava — everyone’s favorite online “store for all things Asian American” — just got even better. Headed up by the tireless powerhouse Ryan Suda, Blacklava offers apparel, media, and accessories with political/cultural themes to showcase your AZN pride, son! Blacklava also sells products by Hyphen, Angry Asian Man, Korematsu Institute…and most recently, Chimco!

Blacklava’s newest addition is the Yellow Peril Dildo, which was created by ChimCo (also the folks behind this here blog) to take back a historically loaded term, shift perceptions of Asian American sexuality, and rock your progressive, Asian empowerment ass.

So celebrate Blacklava’s 20th Anniversary and APA Heritage Month with a Yellow Peril (in vibe and suction cup models)…and while you’re at it make sure to check out Blacklava’s full catalogue of goods (our favorites include the “I Will Not Love You Long Time” and “I Suck at Math” shirts).

Korean Zombie UFC Fight & BCB Live Tweet!

photo via The Korean Zombie Warwagon facebook page

Tonight, fan favorite Chan Sung Jung — aka ‘The Korean Zombie’ — will be facing off against Dustin Poirier for the chance to challenge current featherweight champion José Aldo.

BCB will be live tweeting the event (#KoreanZombie) with observations on the skill, prowess, and pleasing homoeroticism of the fight. Since Cbruhs is only equipped to comment on the latter, she will be assisted by MMA aficionado Louie Gong with remarks that actually relate to the sport. Holla back at us @Bicoastalbitchn!

And although the plethora of versions (and legal battles) of the popular ‘Korean Zombie’ t-shirt could make your head spin, the Korean Zombie himself recommends you get one here.

First fights start at 8 pm EDT/5 pm PST on Fuel TV 3.

Thanks Ben and Louie!

BCB Twatter here

Don’t Miss the APA Vagina Monlogues


Hey ladies and gents! Do you have a vagina? Care about someone with a vagina? Then this is relevant to you. In a climate where women’s rights and agency over how to care for our own bodies is under attack by wealthy white men, we need a production like the Asian Pacific American Vagina Monologues.

Because it goes beyond traditional feminism — it’s about asserting and reaffirming our power as women of color, as sisters, as human beings. Which is why — as many times as you may have read or seen Eve Ensler’s classic — there still needs to be a space for us to make the production our own and give it new life with APA voices.

As stated by the women behind the APA Vagina Monologues:

This landmark theatrical performance profiles the intimate stories of women impacted by sexual assault, war, and pain, but also lifts celebratory perspectives on sexual self-discovery, empowerment, and love.

The APA Vagina Monologues is more than just a show. It’s about igniting change, raising the issues of Asian Pacific American women, and ending violence (of all forms) against women everywhere.

And it’s co-presented by V-Day San Francisco and the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF), the country’s only multi-issue women’s organization for Asian Pacific American women and girls. All proceeds benefit NAPAWF (they also have a fundraising campaign here).

So what more reason do you need? Get your tix for the Thursday May 17th show at San Francisco’s historic Castro Theatre here. And psssttt…we hear the coveted Yellow Peril Dildo will also be up for silent auction at the event!

Friday Fuckery: For the Love of Newsies

A preview of the much-anticipated Broadway production of Newsies recently aired on Good Morning America...and there’s an Asian dude, who gets considerable stage time! (Apparently there was a mixed Asian actor in the original movie — Kevin Alexander Stea — who played “Swifty the Rake”. I wish people still had names like that).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Newsies has a special place in American musical history, and in the hearts of many ladies of…a certain age. While many girls migrated to New York in the ’00s chasing Sex And The City fever dreams, me and my best buds were hitching our wagons to a brighter star: Newsies. We knew the words to every song and had no hesitation busting out a multi-part “King of New York” on the 6 train or screaming out “The Delancey Bwuddas!” when approaching the Lower East Side.

We shopped voraciously for newsboy caps and dessed as a gang of Newsies for Halloween — on multiple occasions — including that one year in Boston I spotted the one other guy at the bar also dressed as a Newsie and was convinced we were soul mates until his girlfriend the sexy nurse crippled me with her death stare. My Newsie friends were there to soothe my broken heart by whispering: Well, dat’s da foist thing ya gotta learn – headlines don’t sell papes. Newsies sell papes.

Which is why, even if I feel nothing could ever measure up to the original, I still plan to shell out a ridiculous amount of money to see grown ass men in short pants twirl around on papes. Especially that Asian newsie with the juicy butt.

For SooJooBa and Char Char (who recognized Kevin Alexander Stea as a Madonna dance captain and cast member of Naked Guys Singing. Yowza!)

Hey bummas, we’se got work to do!
Since when did you become me mudda?

Check out Jezebel‘s excellent take on Newsies here.

Ben Henderson New UFC Lightweight Champ


Even if you don’t particularly care for fighting or start squealing at the sight of blood, who doesn’t appreciate a couple of ripped tough guys flexin and wrasslin around and kicking at each other! Hence the beauty and widespread appeal of MMA. One of my favorite fighters to watch is Washington state’s own Benson “Smooth” Henderson, who is as fooyynne as he is talented in combat.

Challenging lightweight champion Frankie Edgar for the title on Saturday, the two battled it out for all five rounds, with Ben inflicting plenty of damage while his own mug stayed so fresh and so clean.

Photo by Al Bello UFC/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

After five rounds, Ben Henderson was declared the new UFC lightweight champion of the world by unanimous decision. Then he went to go hug his mom, Song — as I squeee’d and submitted my application for president of the Benson Henderson Fan Club, South King County Chapter.

photo by Tracy Lee for Yahoo! Sports

Congrats Ben! Check out some more info and highlights on Ben Henderson here.