because sometimes, sh!t just ain’t right….

we’ve created a space to allow ourselves to bitch, vent, talk smack, snark, rave, throw shade, and just basically let it all out. don’t read it if you’re easily offended, contribute if you got stuff to say, otherwise, you’re all welcome to join the ride as we engage in all things Asian Americana. From NYC to Seatown to the BAY, we got hella sh!t to say. word(s).

blog admins aka angry bitches

cbruhs (co-founded BCB with former blogger/co-founder SDizz): aka “Booga” aka “that heffa” hails from the Great Northwest and divides her time and paper between the Wheedle on the Needle and the tasty bowels of NYC. She is moderately creepy and enjoys obese pets and the smell of Canal Street on a hot summer’s eve. Hobbies include: stalking drag queens, moving stuff from one pile in the room to another pile in the room, and yelling at her obese pet. When she grows up she wants to be a cougar. Not the animal. Please leave her a comment if you want to make cbruh’s daily drudgery into a reality show or Lifetime movie. It will be one of the things you least regret in life (unlike this blog).



aZnHeartThrob is an expert on all food viet and can sniff out an overpriced, appropriated banh mi fusion rip-off a mile away. he can also lecture you on the subtle influences of french culinary colonialism and the differences in pho and accompanying sauces between the 3 regions of the muthaland. he also never fails to point out the imperialist history of your home country, especially if you are or are dining at a japanese, chinese, korean, european, or any non-viet restaurant. aside from that, he’s into some real hippie shit like bike-generated, solar-powered smoothies in Brooklyn and gourmet chai lattes. while he can hold his own at the boiling crab, he is usually outmatched by his two petite but deep-gutted companions. you can contact BANG! at thisfourdollarcafesuadawouldtastebetteratlee’ssandwiches heydoyouwannagethyphy?.com


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey what’s up BiCoastalBitchin,

    David Fung from MakeItintheMotherland.com here.

    I’m a big fan of the site, especially the name, it’s pretty catchy.

    I recently wrote this article: Top Ten Asian Comedians of All Time

    Link: http://www.makeitinthemotherland.com/?p=134

    A bunch of Korean Americans made the list!

    List went:

    10. Jo Koy
    9. Kal Penn
    8. Rex Navarette
    7. Dat Phan
    6. Bobby Lee
    5. Aziz Ansari
    4. Ken Jeong
    3. Henry Cho
    2. Russell Peters
    1. Margaret Cho

    If you like it, I’d really appreciate a link back on the blog, or even a re-post.

    Anyway, let me know what you think.


    David Fung
    Twitter: davidbfung


  2. I just discovered your site and you ladies are funny (and intelligent) as fuck. I wish you were my friends. Never stop bitchin 🙂


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