I AM A FAN OF LEVY TRAN! BCB EXCLUSIVE New Ad from Central Computers

There. I said it. I have been silent after the whole debacle with, well you know what. Cause I have HOPE in HUMANITY. And Levy. And you should too. Cause Margaret Cho is a legend in the AsAm community now and we all spent years tearing apart All American Girl (wait, I just spent a whole blog post last month doing just that). But let me be the first to jump back on the Levy Tran bandwagon as she rebuilds her online reputation. Just released, and exclusive to BcB is a new ad for my homiez’ chain of Bay Area computer stores: Central Computers. Starring, you guessed it: LEVY TRAN. Shout out to dee & ak productions and www.wuzgoodonline.com for directing. Enjoy. And yes, NEVER FORGET. But still, give a girl a second chance.


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