JT Takes Over Chinatown

FRESHLY back from an amazing Legends of the Summer concert at Candlestick featuring Jay”-“Z and Justin Timberlake, AzN is high as a kite and was looking forward to ANY news, video, audio, hair samples from the new new new King of Pop: JT. Alas, that’s when this video came out:

Since the video was shot at the Yankee Stadium leg of the tour and features NYC Chinatown in all of its Oriental glory, I decided to reserve judgement and allow Cbruhs to comment. What proceeds is a highly edited for content version of our brief email exchange because I didn’t want too many curse words and wanted to minimize the amount of unabashed JT MAN LOVE I show pretty much all the time.

AzN: Check out where the new JT video was filmed. Gonna just tweet it unless you wanted to add something like OH I LIVED AROUND THE CORNER!

Cbruhs: Gotta run some errands but will watch when i get back. UGH I hope this doesnt encourage more douchey hipster kids to come shit in chinatown as their cultural playground. Some of the old chinese-owned bars are now $15 cocktail places where white waitresses wear cheongsams and that NO CHINESE PPL go to or work at. It’s pretty disgusting

AzN: I’d be curious to see what you think. if it’s on a JT video, that means its beyond hipsterdom already.

Cbruhs: eh, looks like he’s in that overpriced hipster club i hate on doyers.  i think the vid still looks ridiculous…maybe most of all b/c “take back the night” is a well-known anti-rape campaign and foundation. i think overall it’s really not as terrible as a lot of other things i’ve seen (I’m looking at YOU dickbrains, DAY ABOVE GROUND) but still eyeroll-inducing b/c it’s the same ol’ exotification of chinatown/ethnic field trip stuff. especially how he walks through this “secret chinese passageway” where he knows everyone. yah right — out asian-ing the asians. at least he didn’t have some swooning asian girl on his arm (like that barftastic Heineken commercial). And to quoth my old roommate Char Char: “Oh GAAAAAWWWDDD”.

AzN: I saw the show last Friday and was disappointed there wasn’t much dancing on JT’s part and the dancing in this video looks pretty weird. Esp with these black and white shirts he keeps insisting on wearing…

Cbruhs: Totally, I thought his dancing was a bit underwhelming in this video too — it’s kinda funny when he’s trying to go all Fred Astaire on the like, 2 brokedown steps of the barbershop. Ha! There’s was probably some over-it Chinese dude waiting off to the side for JT to finish so he could open up shop and start the work day.  His shirt also makes my head hurt. JT’s hair, on the other hand, is laid like Murraaay’s.

AzN: I do however like how most of those storefronts are actually Vietnamese spots. VIETNAMTAKEOVER.

Cbruhs: If they really wanted to make an accurate day-in-the-life-of-doyers vid, they’d show an old dude in a wife beater on a cell phone with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth 86 a mangy chihuahua-sized rat by stomping it into a crack in the wall with his foot. Wearing SHOWER SHOES. true story. I witnessed it with my own eyeballs, as this man came to my rescue right after i saw the rat and screamed and scampered away like the soft ABC that i am. And this video would star Jin tha MC and Eddie Huang and yo gramma. Now that’s “Taking it Back”.

AzN: ANYWAYS, I should probably mention at this point that I already bought tickets to the newly added San Jose show that just came out this morning. OHLOOKISTHATLEVYTRANOVERTHERE?


One thought on “JT Takes Over Chinatown

  1. In regards to the video. I think Hollywood and American pop culture is now realizing that they must find a way to integrate Asian Americans an Asian life in America because their market is expanding into China. I also believe while its been obviously racist to perpetuate the stereotype and caricatures of Asian men, it’s up to our own people to create our own films, establish out own mainstream TV channels and produce our own shows with the way we want the world to view us. Asians statistically have the highest IQs of any ethic group, higher than white people on average. A lot of this is why the try to socially reject us. They must maintain their dominance and project it. But just like blacks have had to fight and build their own, we now must do the same for our own people. We need to write our stories, be the heroes, cast attractive normal people rather than let others tell our story and dictate to society how to perceive us. We must fight their propaganda with our own propaganda machine. I wish we had our own writers, producers, investors, and prime tv networks. Look at what the Jews and the blacks have achieved. The Jews were really good at taking over the Hollywood machine and using it to promote their propaganda. So in less than 50 years they went from being discriminated against to now everybody wants to learn Kabbalah.


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