Happy Bitchin’ Momma’s Day

Here at BCB, we’re well aware that we’d be nothing without our Mas and Grandmas and folks who’ve played a momma role in our lives. We are selfish, shiftless brats who waste too much money, drink too much, and don’t visit enough, but Ma loves us just the same.

Here’s a couple nice gestures you can do for your mom and the important wimmins in your life today (and every second of every hour of every other day of the year, fool!)

– AAPI online organizing group 18MillionRising.org created a #TYMom (Thank You Mom) site where you can create and send a custom message to your mom. Remind her of that specific time she did something really special for you, like making herb soup when you came down with chicken pox or bailing you out of jail.

MomsRising.org & NAPAWF made a fun “Mom Dance” video that you can giggle at and then share with your mom.

But the Mom Dance to rule them all is obviously ‘Dub Step Mom’, featuring Mike Song and his mama Laura:

Stone. Cold. Mama Song.

Much love and gratitude to all the Bitchin’ Moms, Grandmoms, Godmoms, Sisters, Aunties, Cuzins, and strong women who give us a beautiful life, every day.


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