Friday Fuckery: Oh WHAT You Have SEX with Your Sex Doll? EWWWWW


Seriously all you do is have sex with your made-to-look-real silicon sex doll? If that’s all you do, then you are missing out on oh-so much my friend.

In what may be the greatest use of the in-browser Google Translator service in Google Chrome, the Japanese website is run by someone I can only assume is a Japanese dude who lives alone in a Tokyo studio apartment. Someone who loves video games, magic tricks and trying on clothes.

See, the genius (or absolute creepiness) of this website is that dude treats his sex doll like a blogger who nonchalantly reviews the very latest in iPads, Wii’s and anything else he can get a hold of. The creepy stills creates a story that gets creepier and creepier as you scroll down. It would be funny if it was created ironically by a comedy troupe in LA trying to make it big online. But done up by a dude on his own in his Tokyo apartment since as far back as the Sega Dreamcast was popular kinda makes this particular website the one that rules them ALL. And by ALL I mean sex doll product review websites.

I’m actually surprised there’s only a HANDFULL of super creepy posts, such as Sakura sex doll trying on a school girl outfit.


Or trying on a bathing suit (she even covers herself up while changing just like any girl I’ve ever gone to the beach with!). But seriously, there’s comedy gold here. Like her review of a Blu Ray player and Toy Story’s Woody popping out of the screen (OH HEY THAT’S A TOTAL SET UP! How you go tricking Sakura Sex Doll like that!).


My only problem is she reviewed some vibrators and ours wasn’t one of them 😦


BUT she did live out my childhood dream of meeting a girl who has every Nintendo system ever… damn, are you SURE she’s not real? ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY SURE???dollnintendo

Originally posted at Yellow Peril Dildo’s blog.


One thought on “Friday Fuckery: Oh WHAT You Have SEX with Your Sex Doll? EWWWWW

  1. You know what kinda fucks with me? Those wacky Cyclops shades she has on during the magic trick posts? I wore those all week once at summer camp after a friend gave them to me.


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