Buckwheat Groats: “Swag Like a Douchebag Racist”

I’ve never heard of these assclowns “Buckwheat Groats” — but their video “Swag Like An Asian” definitely takes the cake for most racist, misogynistic, douchebagtastic, Yelloxploitation brick of turd I’ve seen in a hot minute. All in one fell swoop.

I can’t even watch this more than once because the lyrics and images make me wanna choke their fugly mugs with their own fur coats and rip the chunky one’s face pubes out with my bare hands and feed it to him. From the “Asian bitches” sucking on his diamond dick chain, to lines like: “put some nuts on your girl that’s my kung pao chickenhead”, there’s just so much to rage at.

No thanks white boys, y’all ain’t cute and you can keep your back-handed, fetishistic Asian “tribute”. And sorry, but a laundry list of pan-Asian stereotypes does not a good rap video make. The ability to wrap your ignant minds around that is some #SWAG you’ll never have.

And we’ve said it before and we’ll say again: HIPSTER RACISM IS STILL RACISM!!!

via Angry Asian Man


13 thoughts on “Buckwheat Groats: “Swag Like a Douchebag Racist”

  1. Man u don’t get these guys at all, watch their old videos, do some research, they straight make comedy concept vids from the satirical pov of ignorant rappers. Do u rly think they could’ve made this without the help of asian people that got the joke behind the scenes?


  2. Oh shit you guys! You’re so right. Buckwheat Groats are actually anti-racist cultural workers using groundbreaking words like “fag” and “Asian bitches” to show viewers how racist and misogynistic and sad they really are inside. I should have picked up on that immediately. I just must not get the meaning of satire! As an Asian, I must be too stupid and humorless to tell the difference between comedy and offensive shit about Asians. My anger is like, so silly n stuff because anytime white guys dress up in pimp coats and videotape a bunch of random limited English-speaking people on the street in Seoul, everything is cool, dude. Thank you for opening my eyes to my own ignorance.


  3. If a bunch of white dudes going to asia and making a rap vido about being how cool it is being asian with a bunch of stock hackneyed stereotypes is satire,


    a bunch of black dudes going to eastern europe and making a rock video about how cool it is being polish with a bunch of stock hackneyed stereotypes is satire too.

    So therefore, satire = whatever I say it is.

    AND, well, if asians are in it, then, well, no way it could be racist, b/c like, one of my best friends is black, so there’s no way I would have developed unfair and unreasonable stereotypes against black people…


  4. Of course, when white people use racist stuff as a joke it magically erases hundreds of years of abuse , oppression and disenfranchisement. We should all magically be in on the joke even when we are the butt of it. We all know comedy erases racism… just ask Joanna Angel and her Yellow face porn! *flips a table*


  5. @ignantparapatherapper – A video with a bunch of black dudes in eastern europe making a rock video about being polish would be so genius and out of left field and hysterical and not offensive to me as a half polish person.


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