A Treasured (Big Gay Chinese) Wedding

chinese-gay wedding

I don’t usually get super emotional at weddings (except over the bounty of booze and food), but these newlyweds are giving me life! Shove off, William and Kate, you’ve been upstaged for Wedding of the Millenium by Big Treasure and Little Treasure.

A retired history teacher and a water delivery man who met while the latter was bringing water to the former, the couple married in front of 12,000 online Weibo supporters — many of whom I’m guessing they garnered after a video of them singing a karaoke love song to each other went viral. The couple were moved by the Hong Kong gay rights organization Big Love Alliance to come out and shout their love from the rooftops and into karaoke mics.

If I was at this wedding I’d be ferociously banging my chopsticks on my plate, making countless Hennessy toasts, and blubbering like an hormonal pageant queen.


And it wouldn’t be a gay old wedding without some shade: commenting on a son’s refusal to attend, “It’s disappointing that outsiders can bless us but not our own son. The heartless child is sabotaging our happiness.” BOOM, you thankless party poopin’ black-hearted assbrat!

While same-sex marriage is not recognized in China, the couple declared on Weibo: “We won’t part till we die. We will strive to be together no matter how hard and painful it is.”

From the groom’s adorable crooked bowtie, to the groom’s red roses bouquet quinceañera eleganza, to the arm-in-arm shots, the key word here is TREASURE.

Wishing Mr. & Mr. Treasure Deep Love, Long Life, and Double Happiness!

via Dlisted and Queerty


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