PSY X MC Hammer = Swaggest AMAs of Ever

Sometimes I worry whether PSY will inevitably fall from grace of the American pop echelons. How his popularity may in part reflect the way America regards Asian and Asian American masculinity. About the backlash that may rear its ugly head three, four months from now. About how the mighty can fall so fast and so low. Will PSY end up on Dancing With the Stars, Season 18? Christ, I hope not. Will he follow up ‘Gangnam Style’ with another hit and become firmly entrenched as a legit music star (in America) and not a one-hit wonder? One can hope.

But for now, I will cast aside my worrywart ways, and just BASK in the glory that was the finale to end all finales of the American Music Awards last night: PSY X MC muthaluvin’ Hammer!

LEGENDARY! Feel his power, Hammer’s still got it! And PSY is keepin’ right up! Bieber please, you could never rock the drop-crotch like these two SWAGUs, on you it just looks like a droopy diaper in dire need of changing. Is it wrong to feel juiced that the biggest performance of the American Music Awards was in Korean? Look at all the celebrities trying to rap along to the lyrics. Geez, they’re going absolutely apeshit! Speaking of Bieber, were half of them even out of Pull-Ups when “2 Legit 2 Quit” was released? Why aren’t they incorporating the 2 Legit finger dance!? The look on Cameron Tucker’s face at 3:04 is giving me life. Is it weird that I broke out in a sweat while watching this?

2 Legit! 2 Legit to Quit Haay haaaaaayyy Sexy Laaayydee!


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