AZNs Rocked this Election!

Happy post-Election, Bitchin readers! And my, what a doozy it was. Binders full o’ women, horses & bayonets, and whatever’s going down the shitter in this country…BLAME CHINA! But that’s a whole ‘nother post…

As the dust settles, what has become abundantly clear is that the pesky old stereotype that APIAs don’t care, don’t vote, and don’t matter when it comes to politics is just that — a played out stereotype that couldn’t be farther from reality:

  • APIAs are the fastest growing electorate. With 1 in 6 living in battleground states, they could well have been the decisive swing vote in Nevada and Virginia.
  • 72% of APIAs voted for Obama (2nd highest percentage after African Americans), and 73% backed Democratic Congressional candidates.
  • Of the 23 APIAs who ran for Congress, 10 of them won. This includes six new Congressional members who made history: Tammy Duckworth — the first Thai American and disabled female veteran elected to Congress and the first Asian American to represent Illinois; Grace Meng, the first Asian American to represent New York in Congress; Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard  the first Hindu American and the first Samoan American in US Congress; and California’s Mark Takano, the first openly gay person of color in Congress.


Like most other Americans, APIAs are most concerned about the economy, health care, education, and immigrant and civil rights. And (busting through more stereotypes), we lean progressive when it comes to issues on the environment, universal health care, and supporting a path to citizenship for undocumented individuals. Even Vietnamese American voters have trended Democratic; blue support is not mainly driven by South Asian Americans and Chinese Americans any more. Which means there’s even more opportunities to build multiracial alliances with African Americans and Latinos, as our voting and issue preferences have become pretty similar.

As APIAs are both the fastest growing racial group and electorate in the U.S., our elected officials, political parties, pollsters, and other powers that be are gonna hafta RECOGNIZE. Because we are America.

Thanks for the video Samala!


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