Support Rice and Beans!

Hands down the coolest Co-Op run childcare facility in the San Antonio neighborhood in Oakland is the Rice and Beans Cooperative. The center was created by organizers, artists, cultural & community workers and fosters creativity through art, music, movement and dance while also not letting kids forget about the maths and sciences. Oh so you wanna help them out but don’t know how? And you’re thinking “wouldn’t it be great to have an I HEART RICE AND BEANS t-shirt”? Today is your lucky day! Contact Rice and Beans here and order one of these in kids or adults size. Aren’t babies CUUUUTE!?



PSY X MC Hammer = Swaggest AMAs of Ever

Sometimes I worry whether PSY will inevitably fall from grace of the American pop echelons. How his popularity may in part reflect the way America regards Asian and Asian American masculinity. About the backlash that may rear its ugly head three, four months from now. About how the mighty can fall so fast and so low. Will PSY end up on Dancing With the Stars, Season 18? Christ, I hope not. Will he follow up ‘Gangnam Style’ with another hit and become firmly entrenched as a legit music star (in America) and not a one-hit wonder? One can hope.

But for now, I will cast aside my worrywart ways, and just BASK in the glory that was the finale to end all finales of the American Music Awards last night: PSY X MC muthaluvin’ Hammer!

LEGENDARY! Feel his power, Hammer’s still got it! And PSY is keepin’ right up! Bieber please, you could never rock the drop-crotch like these two SWAGUs, on you it just looks like a droopy diaper in dire need of changing. Is it wrong to feel juiced that the biggest performance of the American Music Awards was in Korean? Look at all the celebrities trying to rap along to the lyrics. Geez, they’re going absolutely apeshit! Speaking of Bieber, were half of them even out of Pull-Ups when “2 Legit 2 Quit” was released? Why aren’t they incorporating the 2 Legit finger dance!? The look on Cameron Tucker’s face at 3:04 is giving me life. Is it weird that I broke out in a sweat while watching this?

2 Legit! 2 Legit to Quit Haay haaaaaayyy Sexy Laaayydee!

And I Slowly Fall to My Knees: ABDC Canceled

Look what the evil MTV overlords hath wrought: the cancellation of the all-time most swagtastic reality show of ever (besides RuPaul’s Drag Race, duh): America’s Best Dance Crew! Nuhuhoooo!

It’s terrible, and it’s true. After 7 glorious seasons, BCB fave ABDC will light up our lives no longer. Along with mourning the loss of stereotype-busting, positively superfly Asian American representation on TV, I’m also shedding a nostalgic and grateful tear for the show that spotlighted so many of my future ex-husbands and fap fodder (notably Quest Crew’s Victor Kim and Ryan Feng, ya big smexy galoot).

We salute you, Jabbawockeez, Kaba Modern, Quest Crew, Poreotix, and all the other b-girls, b-boys, and APIA crazy leg shitkickers.

And I hate to admit it, but I’ll even miss Mario Lopez’s corny ass, with his singularly unique brand of teeth-grinding awkwardness combined with inappropriately tight jeans.

You will be missed but not forgotten, ABDC.

Thanks to Keith Chow!

AZNs Rocked this Election!

Happy post-Election, Bitchin readers! And my, what a doozy it was. Binders full o’ women, horses & bayonets, and whatever’s going down the shitter in this country…BLAME CHINA! But that’s a whole ‘nother post…

As the dust settles, what has become abundantly clear is that the pesky old stereotype that APIAs don’t care, don’t vote, and don’t matter when it comes to politics is just that — a played out stereotype that couldn’t be farther from reality:

  • APIAs are the fastest growing electorate. With 1 in 6 living in battleground states, they could well have been the decisive swing vote in Nevada and Virginia.
  • 72% of APIAs voted for Obama (2nd highest percentage after African Americans), and 73% backed Democratic Congressional candidates.
  • Of the 23 APIAs who ran for Congress, 10 of them won. This includes six new Congressional members who made history: Tammy Duckworth — the first Thai American and disabled female veteran elected to Congress and the first Asian American to represent Illinois; Grace Meng, the first Asian American to represent New York in Congress; Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard  the first Hindu American and the first Samoan American in US Congress; and California’s Mark Takano, the first openly gay person of color in Congress.


Like most other Americans, APIAs are most concerned about the economy, health care, education, and immigrant and civil rights. And (busting through more stereotypes), we lean progressive when it comes to issues on the environment, universal health care, and supporting a path to citizenship for undocumented individuals. Even Vietnamese American voters have trended Democratic; blue support is not mainly driven by South Asian Americans and Chinese Americans any more. Which means there’s even more opportunities to build multiracial alliances with African Americans and Latinos, as our voting and issue preferences have become pretty similar.

As APIAs are both the fastest growing racial group and electorate in the U.S., our elected officials, political parties, pollsters, and other powers that be are gonna hafta RECOGNIZE. Because we are America.

Thanks for the video Samala!


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Friday Fuckery: Chinatown/LES post-Sandy

So my flight into New York this week was cancelled, and with my old roommate also out of town, I don’t have a solid idea of what state our Chinatown building is in (except that there is definitely a freezer-full of sausage and shrimp lying in wait). Like much of the country, I’ve been obsessively monitoring the news and interwebs this whole week, trying to get a grasp of the scale of mayhem (or for those Uptown, lack thereof).

What has become painfully clear is that not only were some areas devastated beyond recognition (Staten Island, Breezy Point in Queens, Lower East Side, Coney Island), some have also been virtually ignored by authorities in the relief efforts. While it certainly hasn’t suffered the same structural damage and loss of life, one community that has experienced gross inequities in post-Sandy recovery includes — SURPRISE! — Chinatown.

While lower Manhattan has been without without power all week, Chinatown and the LES have also suffered water shutoffs in public housing, food shortages, and a huge vacuum of information from officials about just what the fuck to expect next. While people wait in endless lines for help, FEMA and city officials have for the most part been conspicuously absent.

Thank effing goodness for CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, which has been the only organization to address the dire and immediate needs of the community. CAAAV became first responders by providing phone charging, in-language information, food, batteries, and mercifully — a system to check up on elders and the disabled in high rise buildings who are cold, hungry, and in the dark — stuck in their buildings without working elevators. Meanwhile, just next door, Wall Street has Xmas lights lit up in the streets.

As CAAAV leadership well understands, this isn’t the first time Chinatown has clearly not been a governmental priority for recovery efforts (9/11), and it likely won’t be the last. Thankfully, many volunteers have showed up to make donations and drop off supplies. Check out updates from CAAAV on relief efforts and needs here, and if you can’t go in person, please consider making a donation.

Let’s demonstrate to the people of Chinatown and LES that we care about them, even if Bloomberg and the NYC hypercapitalist, profit-driven agenda don’t seem to give two shits about immigrants and people of color, the working class, and New York’s most vulnerable residents.