The Return of JuJubee

Thank the Tuck Goddesses that JuJubee is BACK — with service, Bitches! Run for cover, homegirl’s about to read the shit out of this joint.

There’s a reason why my facebook profile is a pic of me squeezing the life out of JuJubee after the R Place Pride show like she was a life-size chicken nugget. Well, many reasons, but they’re all filed under “Sickening” so basic bitches best run and hit the library.

Some of my other fave fierce queens back on RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race are La-triiiiiice Motherfuckin’ Royale, Yara Sofia, Raven, and Alexis Mateo. BAM! (Notice I didn’t list Manila Luzon because she’s a Mean Girl and was a dick to me at Boxers Sportsbar in Chelsea this one time. Sniff.)

Team Rujubee Ryde or Die.

If you’re not overdosed on eleganza yet, check out this wonderful JuJubee montage here. And I’m done.


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