The Return of JuJubee

Thank the Tuck Goddesses that JuJubee is BACK — with service, Bitches! Run for cover, homegirl’s about to read the shit out of this joint.

There’s a reason why my facebook profile is a pic of me squeezing the life out of JuJubee after the R Place Pride show like she was a life-size chicken nugget. Well, many reasons, but they’re all filed under “Sickening” so basic bitches best run and hit the library.

Some of my other fave fierce queens back on RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race are La-triiiiiice Motherfuckin’ Royale, Yara Sofia, Raven, and Alexis Mateo. BAM! (Notice I didn’t list Manila Luzon because she’s a Mean Girl and was a dick to me at Boxers Sportsbar in Chelsea this one time. Sniff.)

Team Rujubee Ryde or Die.

If you’re not overdosed on eleganza yet, check out this wonderful JuJubee montage here. And I’m done.


Eddie Huang in the Bay

Say what you will of Eddie Huang, owner/chef of Baohaus, but for many folks, the only job better than doing Anthony Bourdain for the Travel Channel/CNN is doing the same show (with lower production value) for Vice Travel. Part 1 of his three part series in the Bay begins with killing wabbits in Livermore and hanging with the East Bay Rats in Oakland followed by the highly anticipated visit to AzN favorites Rice/Paper/Scissors in SF. #LivingtheDream. I’m telling you.

Michelle Ang Comes to the States

So this new MTV show might be a new My So-Called Life for the Mark Zuckerberg Generation, but heydidyouseethechinesegirl in this trailer?

Cause I did. And now that I know she’s a Chinese-Malaysian-Kiwi living in NYC, I’m watching Flight of the Conchords reruns to work on my accent… just in case I run into her while camped out in front of MTV Studios.

And has anyone checked out her New Zealand film My Wedding And Other Secrets? I plan to in case its a Chinese version of “Boy“, the best film of 2010.

But probs not.

Friday Fuckery: Jill Stuart NY X PSY

Serve! And work and turn and…this GANGNAM IS MAHHHHVELOUS!

Psy may be milking the ish out of his song, but I’m enjoying every minute of it. Also I really want that jacket.

Speaking of New York Classy style, on Monday I was walking down 2nd Ave in East Village and there was this bum doing the Gangnam Style gallop with a broom. Then his other bum friend spotted him from across the street and ran up and hi-fived him. They both bellowed magnificently: “YEEEAAAHHH GANGNAM STYLE!!”

Now that, hunty, is New York Classy. Psy, the great equalizer — on the runways and in the streets.

Kickstart the Eastern Addition!

The masterminds behind Poleng Lounge, The Summit SF, SOM, and the WoW Truck bring you a pop-up series that will feature unheralded chefs cooking some amazing Asian dishes in the Western Addition at Vinyl Cafe. That was a long-winded way to just say check out the Eastern Addition, if only for the witty name (get it? Eastern tastes in the Western Addition?).

Kickstart the campaign here:

Kickstart The Crumbles!

I can’t tell you how much I love The Crumbles. Its a fantastic film with an amazing, diverse cast. Awesome soundtrack, great story. And its also one of those films that makes outsiders like me get a little feel of what its really like to live in LA, cause I only get a weekend every few months and movies like Greenberg or 500 Days of Summer to show me what its like. So why am I telling you this? Cause its kickstarting a Kickstarter campaign and for several price points, starting with $10 for a pin/sticker combo up to $5000 (you won’t BELIEVE all the stuff you get in this package, even a PRODUCER credit!).

Don’t believe me when I say its a good movie? Maybe you’ll believe these folks:

Or you can watch the trailer yourself: