BCB Movie Review: Sunny

I’ve said it many times before. I’m a fan of Korean films. Asian American films are usually a bit too serious for me. Chinese films are just heartless and lack emotion for me. Korean films are the most honest depiction of the human condition out there and yes its awesome to see an Asian person on the big screen. But when I originally got the advance copy of Sunny, I didn’t expect much. And 2 hours later, sitting at home with my mom, I was almost in tears. I said almost cause hey this isn’t the intro to Pixar’s Up.

Without giving away too much, this movie is funny and drama-filled but best of all, its self-referential (which helps those unfamiliar with Korean pop culture as well as the hardcore fans). Watch it. And if you do like Sunny, check out director Hyung Chul Kang’s previous feature, Speed Scandal, starring Tae-hyun Cha (who makes the greatest cameo appearance in Sunny that I have ever seen in any movie ever).


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