Noddy and ‘Yes on 74’

This November in Washington state, approval/rejection of gay marriage will be on the ballot under Referendum 74. Even though a bill legalizing same-sex marriage was passed and signed into law by Governor Christine Gregoire back in February, the day before the law was to take effect, haters and basic b*tches submitted enough signatures to put personal choice and marriage rights up for public vote.

In response, local organizations and musicians have been advocating for approval of Referendum 74, including my own band Noddy. Theez Queens just released our new EP Yes on 74, which is available for download — with all proceeds through October 31st benefiting Washington United for Marriage. So subject yourself, won’t you — to the sickening, exxxtravagant, everythang sounds of Noddy (backup yodelin’ and (butt)trumpeting courtesy of yours truly). No tea no shade, it’s for a good cause. YASS hunty, and YASS on 74! Let’s get our marriage on!


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