Mattel Presents: Drag Queen Barbie!

At last! Mattel has decided to up their eleganza game by commissioning their first Barbie doll modeled after the true embodiment of glamour and glitz: Drag Queens!

Yes Ma’am, it’s about time. Coming out of the design house The Blonds (David Blond and Philippe Blond), the aptly titled “The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie Doll” will be available in December for $125 (oof, extravaganza!).

It’s too bad Jason Wu didn’t get commissioned for this, as he (according to my trusty source Char Char) is widely known to have gotten his start in fashion by designing clothes for dolls, before he became a a household name (thanks to Michelle Obama). Char Char also reminded me of a magical time long long ago, when we were at the now-defunct Happy Valley and Amanda Lepore was auctioning off a Jason Wu-designed doll of her likeness:

                                         photo by Candace McMullen

Oh wells. My dream come true would be a Jason Wu-designed Jujubee doll. C’mon Mattel, screw Miko, Dana, and Nikki, we need a little color in our Queens…make it happen!

Thanks Char Char!


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