Countdown (Asian Kid Snuggie Version)

Before I begin, let me just say this made my everything. I am LIVING for this kid Ton. Not only did he slay “Countdown”, he did it in a frickin’ Snuggie with the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent that qualifies him to be all Bye, Girl, Bye to Queen Bey herself. Also, he obviously shot this in his parents’ den, which just adds to its “not-gonna-let-the-suburbs-dull-my-shine” realness:

This makes me nostalgic for the Basement Jaxx and Peaches lip syncs me and Princess Char Char used to make in our Chinatown apartment. Except we had a shitty laptop-generated green screen and about 18 inches of dancing space. And were well into our mid ’20s. Plus I was totally that white girl with glasses.

If you happen to be headless and need more proof that the choreo and editing is perfection, check out the comparison to the original “Countdown” vid:

Instead of that hot mess of a report ‘The Rise of Asian Americans“, Pew should have just linked to this.


via Crunk & Disorderly


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