The New Chad Hugo

I never ever ever thought I would like another producer the way I like Chad Hugo. I mean, I wanted I grew up wanting to BE this guy.

He basically created the soundtrack of my youth (along with Pharrell) the day they produced Rump Shaker (and on). And I had no idea until now that another producer would ever come close. But that day is now and that producer is Malay. AKA James Ho. Who you say? Well, the guy’s been pretty secretive, but he’s the only producer that Frank Ocean really works with full time. So he was all over the Nostalgia Lite/Ultra, mixtape. And he’s ALL OVER the best R&B album of the DECADE: Channel Orange. My friends are all so f’n sick of me singing the praises of this album but hot damn is this Malay/Frank Ocean/Pharrell track HOT:

Pharrell + Another Asian Producer = Gold

So what else has Malay done? I have no idea, he’s so damn secretive. I found an Okayplayer interview here that makes no sense. And he’s on a top 5 list of producers to watch out for here. But other than that, I just know he’s in this photo:

Second from the right next to FO. Or third from the left if you’re more of a John Legend kinda person.

But other than that, I have no idea. He DID produce the (second) to last great John Legend song

So I’m gonna need more info on this guy. Hopefully his stock blows up after this album gets the respect it deserves.


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