Lieutenant Sulu’s Log, Stardate 020809: John Cho is Up to Big Things

Long time readers will know that this blog has pretty much been, in many posts, a shrine dedicated to the life and career of the greatest thespian to ever graduate from the University of California, Berkeley. You can read more of the love here. But this post isn’t about how great John Cho is, it is strictly focused on how BUSY he is. First he gets picked up on NBC’s new Matthew Perry comedy created by some Friends producers. Here’s a spoiler: He’s Matthew Perry’s boss. And the young Chris Rock kid from Everybody Hates Chris is in it.

Oh wait, there’s more? John Cho is also in a new Jason Bateman film called Identity Thief, along with Melissa McCarthy, my-ex-wife Amanda Peet and my future wife¬†Genesis Rodriguez.

And of course there’s the Total Recall remake where John Cho plays the guy that hooks Colin Farrell up with a mind-meld trip to Mars. He stars along another ex of mine, the always beautiful (and 1/4 Burmese) Kate Beckinsale.

OH WAIT THERE’S MORE? Yes, an animated Harold and Kumar series on Adult Swim voiced by the great John Cho and my favorite mid-level staff member of the Obama Cabinet, Kal Penn. The untitled series will most likely be the same as the movies and be equally as awesome. Readers, tell me again what other cartoons on tv right now have Indian and Korean characters on screen and tell me how many of them are treated as regular red-blooded Americans with no accents and no jobs at a quickie mart.

AND OF COURSE THERE’S A LITTLE INDIE PROJECT CALLED STAR TREK. J.J. Abrams and co are shooting it right now. May 17, 2013. Mark your calendars, dry clean your uniform, polish your pips, and wait in line starting now.


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