America’s Second Greatest Enemy is China

America is dumb. Full of idiots. How else can you explain this gallup poll? Iran? We’re at war with two of the countries on this list and we have Iran as number one? Is the war hype machine in full effect for the NEXT NEXT war? Are we always about the NEW NEW? Does America think Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom are OVER (GOD I HATE THE NAMES OF THESE WARS, can’t we just name them what they are? Operation Attack the Gas Station II and Operation Death Wish: The Impending Revenge)? 118 soldiers were killed in 2012 and the majority of the soldiers killed in both wars are from my great state! (side-note, props to Texas A&M for their human wall to protect the burial of a solider/alumni killed at Ft. Bragg from anti-gay protestors).

So now let’s get to the meat of this graph cause I came to the rodeo to talk about numero dos and numero tres. CHINA? SERIOUSLY? China, as in Hong Kong, China, as in where you go for $200 cups of f’n tea on a roof garden CHINA? China as in TOM CRUISE just shot Mission Impossible in China, China? China, as in where they make my iPhone and iPad, and uh, everything else, China? China, as in our second greatest trading partner China, as if we don’t use China’s special SEZ to manage big investments? That’s not even the most f’d up thing about this list. You wanna know how I know this is about RACE and not about international politics? See number 3 on the threat list? And then take a look at the actual list.

NORTH KOREA/KOREA (nonspecific). NORTH KOREA SLASH KOREA NONSPECIFIC? As in people just said KOREA? Or Koreans? Or goddamn Koreans? If they specified gooks would it be listed as Vietnam and then on the “other” list? A few of them must have answered with “GODDAMN JAPS” cause Japan is right there on this list as numero 9. Right under “United States Itself”. Smart move hippies. Very clever. And if you’re keeping score at home, Japan is our 4th biggest trading partner and (unspecified) Korea, but I’m going to say South Korea, is our 7th biggest trading partner.

I hope to GOD this survey was done in the middle of a weekday to homes in states with cardinal directions in their names (that would be North, South, and West for geography majors). How else can you ‘splain this nonsense?


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