Middle America’s Asian Invasion

The Asian Invasion has been grossly over-exaggerated for decades. But this time, it might really be happening. How else can you explain the purchase of Buford, Wyoming by Pham Dinh Nguyen, a HCMC businessman or the sale of Scenic, South Dakota to a Filipino church, Iglesia ni Cristo, based in Quezon City?

I’ll blame it on bad geography lessons and a weak US dollar, but could this be a conspiracy by Asian business folks to take over America one town at a time? We’ll see… if a Taiwanese import/export businessman buys up District 12 Henry River Mill Village in North Carolina, we’ll know for sure. What use can you possibly have for Peeta’s bakery other than planning the impending AzN InVaSiOn ^_^ ????

I’m so scared, I have NO idea what to do!? Seriously, the only power I have is to sit here and decide which MEME better suits this Paul Revere prediction of the doom that will set upon our lovely nation. Should I use this one:

Or THIS one???

ARGHH! I’m just rearranging furniture on the Titanic!

PS. that was a trick question. The answer is always to use the cute fat asian kid.


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