Katy Perry’s Cupcake Brigade

After appearing with a posse of mini-me’s at the Toronto MuchMusic Awards on Sunday, Katy Perry received a lot of flak for one little girl’s costume in particular…the infamous getup from the “California Gurls” video. As in cupcakes over her (non)breasts and pretty pretty please with red cherries on top.

photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images

I’m with Jezebel here…there’s no question this is an extreme fuckup in judgment, an indicator of the hypersexualization of females from a young age, and just plain gross.

But I also want to point out another f*cked up thing about these tarted up tots….WHY DOES THE ASIAN GIRL HAVE TO BE THE NERDY ONE?

And I don’t even know what’s going on with the girl on the far right here, as we pan out further:

All implications about the relationship between race and the military-industrial complex aside, this lil’ lady just ain’t into it….ADORBS!! Gals, you’re all fireworks! KATY PERRY 4EVA!


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