The Problem of Gravity: Worldwide Release

Cute new film from Trever Zhou reminds me of the first time I ever wore a Superman outfit and jumped off my couch. Also reminds me of [spoiler alert!] the time my parents used to wrap up the remote controller with plastic. Which was like 2 years ago actually.


Top 5 Bruce Lee Movies

BCB faves The National Film Society and Phil Yu (Angry Asian Man) recently joined forces to make this delightful “Top 5 Bruce Lee Movies” video. It does not disappoint, and being fellow Bruce Lee fans, BCB would be remiss without a repost/shoutout:

Excellent commentary. I especially appreciate acknowledgment of how messing with someone’s jewelry is legit grounds for a fight. I too feel the rage when some random comes up and gets all handsy on my jade Kwun Yum necklace. BAD TOUCH! WATAAHHH!!!

Congrats to Erik Spoelstra

First of all. Fuck Cleveland. You had 5+ years with LeBron James and its not your fault no one wanted to go there to help him out. Your city is dropping in population ,there’s less than 400,000 people there, and its not going to get any better. You shouldn’t be surprised the man didn’t want to stay in Ohio, where he was born and raised. Just to put your city in perspective, your city is smaller than Fremont, CA, which is the 4th largest city in the Bay and that city doesn’t have the Browns and Cavs and don’t get me fucking started on why you shouldn’t have a baseball team cause the last time I checked your team is called the Cleveland Indians and your logo is like a cowboy’s bullet in the head, from the MFing 1800’s.

Indians. Really? Its 2012

The Grizzlies and Warriors were bought by Bay Area owners. Seattle’s trying to get a team on the back of a San Francisco hedge fund manager and the Bay Area’s Larry Ellison has unsuccessfully tried to buy the last 3 teams on sale. So, yea, Cleveland, don’t tell me you deserve LeBron James, cause you don’t even deserve professional sports. Haters gonna hate!

Now, on to what I wanted to speak on. Erik Spoelstra’s been through a lot, and I wanted to remind folks about how Filipino this man is. For God sakes, he speaks Tagalog which means he’s more Filipino than 99% of my friends. And if you want to learn more about his Filipino heritage, I can’t do better than this Grantland article. And you should also read this article about his pro basketball career, cause this man’s done so much at such a young age. AND he’s a Manny Pacquiao fan. No matter what you feel about LeBron, you gotta respect Spoelstra. And if you’re a hater that says he only one cause he has the big three, the last time I checked, Chris Bosh ain’t shit and the Big 3 Celtics have a total of ONE championship.

DREAMers Finally Get Relief

Last Friday, in a historic announcement, President Obama used his executive power to do something young immigrant activists have been tirelessly organizing around for years: grant relief to DREAMers.

Meaning that certain undocumented young people will have a two-year period free from fear of deportation, and be allowed to work. This executive initiative applies to: those who arrived in the U.S. when they were under 16 and are currently not over 30, are in school, graduated from high school, or are military veterans, have continuously resided in the U.S. for at least five years, and haven’t been convicted of a crime.

The significance of this cannot be overstated. During the announcement, I was lucky enough to be at an immigration conference and in the company of DREAMers and activists who fought in the trenches to strengthen the undocumented youth movement.

DREAMers react to the news. “It’s not about immigrant justice, it’s about social justice” – Juan, DREAMer.

There were a lot of tears, celebrating…and questions, for there are many important things this action doesn’t address.

The initiative does not guarantee a path to citizenship —  it is, as Obama himself said: “a temporary stopgap measure”. To create a path to legal permanent residence (and eventually, citizenship), we still need to pass DREAM legislation…a bill that Obama has pledged to sign, and which was blocked by Senate Republicans in 2010.

This relief also leaves many individuals out….like Jose Antonio Vargas, a gay Filipino Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who “came out” as undocumented in last year’s New York Times — and a major galvanizing force in the undocumented movement. Vargas is on the current cover of TIME Magazine for its daring (for mainstream media) article. He is also 31 years old.

While many still think of immigration — and “illegal” immigration in particular — as a Latino or Mexican issue, the truth is that undocumented migrants deeply affect our APIA communities:  they are part of us. About 10% of DREAMers are API, and they make up an estimated 45% of the undocumented student population in the University of California system alone (check out these excellent Hyphen articles by Momo Chang here and here).

So while APIs have often been left out of the mainstream immigration narrative, we need to double down to make our voices heard. Not only to advocate for our own communities, but to support our undocumented sisters and brothers regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality, or any other characteristics that are manipulated to make us into the “Other” and exclude us from fully participating in a democracy we’ve fought to contribute to. Because that is the only way we will win. And when DREAMers win, so does America.

Katy Perry’s Cupcake Brigade

After appearing with a posse of mini-me’s at the Toronto MuchMusic Awards on Sunday, Katy Perry received a lot of flak for one little girl’s costume in particular…the infamous getup from the “California Gurls” video. As in cupcakes over her (non)breasts and pretty pretty please with red cherries on top.

photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images

I’m with Jezebel here…there’s no question this is an extreme fuckup in judgment, an indicator of the hypersexualization of females from a young age, and just plain gross.

But I also want to point out another f*cked up thing about these tarted up tots….WHY DOES THE ASIAN GIRL HAVE TO BE THE NERDY ONE?

And I don’t even know what’s going on with the girl on the far right here, as we pan out further:

All implications about the relationship between race and the military-industrial complex aside, this lil’ lady just ain’t into it….ADORBS!! Gals, you’re all fireworks! KATY PERRY 4EVA!

Chinese Banquet Benefit: BCB Dragon-style

Your friends keep selling out and doing American weddings on bluffs and shit? Tired of drinking wine and champagne in Maui or a rooftop bar in New York? Been dreaming about getting drizzy at a Chinese restaurant and waiting for your inappropriate uncle to smash a Tsingtao on your new cousin-in-law’s face and/or hit on your 17 year old niece? I can’t promise any of that at the Chinese Banquet Benefit extravaganza that AzN is throwing to support Youth United for Community Action in East Palo Alto. But I CAN promise you an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet for a $30 minimum donation, all-you-can-buy Tsingtao beers, secret DJs flying in from all over, and free giveaways!

Saturday June 23, 2012
1PM to 5PM

Grant Palace (second floor)
737 Washington St
(at Walter U Lum Pl) Chinatown
San Francisco, CA 94108

Vincent Chin 30: Standing Up Then and Now

Scene of the Crime, Detroit. Vacant since the murder.

Vincent Chin 30: Standing Up Then and Now

A nationwide Google Hangout* townhall with leading civil rights leaders from around the country

Saturday, June 23, 2012
2 pm EST/11 am PST/8 am HST

featuring Congressmember Judy Chu (CA-32), CAIR-SF Executive Director Zahra Billoo

OCA Executive Director Tom Hayashi, Asian American Justice Center Executive Director Mee Moua and more

Guest Moderator Phil Yu of Angry Asian Man

VC30, presented by APAs for Progress:

In 1982, Vincent Chin was the victim of a hate crime murder in Detroit (check out a previous BCB post for more info on a documentary about this story). Thirty years later, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders continue to face discrimination and bullying. In fact, more than half of Asian Americans report being bullied in the high school class room, the highest of any racial group. In light of recent tragedies like the suicide of Pvt. Danny Chen and the continuing effects of 9/11, what can Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders do to stand up against racism and discrimination?

Please join APAs for Progress for a one-hour panel discussion with leading voices from the nonprofit, legal and judicial communities to address these timely issues. Viewing parties have been organized in more than 20 cities and individuals can tweet in questions at #VC30. To host a party, all you need is an internet connection, a screen and comfortable seating. Contact APAs for Progress to see how you can be involved.

Viewing parties and cities include: Albany • Atlanta • Austin • Binghamton, NY • Boston • Chicago • Cleveland • Corvallis, OR • Denver • Detroit • Grand Rapids, MI • Hartford, CT • Houston • Ithaca •  Los Angeles • Lowell, MA • Minneapolis • Morgantown, WV • New York • Philadelphia • Phoenix • Raleigh • Sacramento • San Francisco • Seattle • Washington D.C. • Wichita, and more. To join a viewing party, go here.

And get your special limited edition 30th anniversary V. Chin t-shirts available for a limited time, from Blacklava here.

* For more information on Google Hangout, please check out these links: (hangouts on Air Manual)