Friday Fuckery: Hipster Racism & Lucky 8’s China House

Hipster Racism seems to be getting a lot of attention lately — from Lindy West’s excellent Jezebel article to Kyria Abraham’s exasperating, self-serving response, to this very recent example of Orientalist food truck foolery.

We here at BCB are well aware of this epidemic (we created a “Hipster Racism” category for the blog in 2009) and are pretty happy about the general increase in dialogue about it.

So for this Friday’s Fuckery, we present yet another culprit: Lucky 8’s China House (seriously), a new chic restaurant in Seattle’s Capitol Hill area, owned by Bracey Rogers and his wife Marcy Akiyama.

CBruhs met some friends at this joint a few weeks ago, and was swiftly irritated by its overpriced cooptation of ethnic food, lack of any (visible, maybe they were in the back washing dishes) Asian staff, and in particular, an ironically mustachioed server named “Tiger” who announced in rather dramatic fashion that he was about to make a bike delivery (for examples of why this is problematic, contrast this with the unglamorous, dangerous, and sometimes fatal reality of real Chinese delivery men).

Last night, BCB friend Louie Gong went to Lucky 8’s China House and was similarly not impressed by the stereotypical decor: kung fu movies, a gong, a giant to-go box, and drinks like “Phists of Phooey” (you just don’t fuck with a Bruce Lee movie). Basically what he describes as “a cartoon version of Asian culture…like they turned an Asian-themed slot machine into a restaurant.”

After Louie paid, Tiger apparently noticed his last name on the credit card. As Louie was walking out, he heard behind him: “Gong….Gong?? Hey, Gong!?” He turned around, and Tiger had gathered the cooks, picked up a mallet, and then for reals CLANGED THE EFFING GONG.

Incredulous, Gong the person asked to take a pic for posterity. And ridicule:

For Louie, this was a delightful reminder of how kids would mockingly chant “Goooong!” during basketball games. So thanks for that, Tiger — and thank you Lucky 8’s China House for serving up another shining example that there really is no difference between “Hipster racism” and just regular ol’ racism.

photos by Louie Gong


8 thoughts on “Friday Fuckery: Hipster Racism & Lucky 8’s China House

  1. Everything old, is new again. If you are watching, you have noticed that nothing ever gets resolved in America. Issues and ideas may become unstylish, unbankable, and illegal. They are then dropped, avoided, and buried in everyday language. But they do live on in inappropriate verbal slips, in raised eyebrows, and clicked tongues. In spite of a multicultural, multinational, metrosexual world. Underground, the old post-discovery white male dominated empire lived on. The ruthless, continual attacks on the President, were a signal they were alive and ready to re-emerge. The only thing that was needed tolerance and marginal acceptance from the general population. Fox news, the tea party, and liberal seattle foodies (at least the ones that frequent this place.) are affirming those old racist values are OK. and deserve to live again.


  2. Thanks for the inspiration. Next time you are in Seattle visiting, come in and try our new cocktail, the “The Racist Hipster”. A shot of WHITE Tequila and a PBR Tall Boy.
    Lucky 8’s


    • @China House: The fact that Tiger is half Chinese really doesn’t change anything. Just like Rob Schneider being part Asian doesn’t make his ‘Chuck & Larry’ or ‘Deuce Bigalow’ caricatures any less wack.


  3. I have two biracial children. They have both been targets of serious racism by both the races they descend from. They are both experts in “hipster racism” because I taught them that to respond negatively to racism is to give it veracity. In today’s world and in the future biracial people will be genetically superior, a blending of the strengths and weaknesses of all races. Racism will not go away as long as there are racists and reactionists. Mr. Gong know exactly what I am talking about. My children are First Nations and White. Guess who hurt them the most.


  4. Are you kidding me? Really can we create a category for oversensitive ass clowns? Thanked god or rather thank an un-named deity (would hate to offend a oversensitive religious cry baby) for free media so people can piss and moan about wildly insignificant details. Roll with the punches my friend if you consider this racism I hope you don’t ever leave the lower 48. It is a scary world out there for people who take everything far to seriously.
    PS, what you failed to mention is how warm and welcome this atmosphere is. Or how great the food was. You are right in the grand scheme of things an event as horrific is someone banging a gong is almost as tragic as a child being forced to fight a war. I hope you can find a suitable therapist to help you heal.


  5. Hey Katie – on the real, go fuck yourself. You know what? Normally I’d probably try to approach this with some kind of compassion, but it’s been a shitty fucking weekend so far, so you know what? Go fuck yourself.

    1. This is racism, pure and simple, and the fact that you’re telling us that we should just get over it only shows that not only do not have a SINGLE FUCKING IDEA what you’re talking about, it also shows that you either a) have a whole lot of white privilege or b) you’re a minority who has bought into the idea that somehow, you’ll be accepted by white racists if you just show out for them hard enough. Surprise, you’re a fucking idiot.

    2. You can be angry about bullshit hipster racism and all the other fucked up things that happen in the world. Nice strawman. It has a white hood on, by the way.

    3. If you think the CONUS is a great place to be a minority, you’re either a) obviously not one or b) a complete fucking idiot who thinks that voting Republican will free us all.

    4. You’re probably a woman. Do you find Hooters offensive? You should, and it’s for the same reasons that we, as APIA people, find this restaurant offensive – because it’s chock full of fucked up portrayals. We wouldn’t tell you to lighten up about that. So don’t come onto this blog and shit on us about it.

    And last but certainly not least: Why the FUCK do people like you have to go around getting angry that we find some shit offensive? Does it really take the fucking wind out of your goddamn sails that HOLY SHIT SOMEBODY THINKS SOMETHING IS RACIST! If it really offends you that much, it’s probably making you THINK about how FUCKING RACIST this world is, and that makes you HELLA GODDDAMN UNCOMFORTABLE.


    PS If you think this is good food, you’re a fucking idiot.


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