Korean Zombie UFC Fight & BCB Live Tweet!

photo via The Korean Zombie Warwagon facebook page

Tonight, fan favorite Chan Sung Jung — aka ‘The Korean Zombie’ — will be facing off against Dustin Poirier for the chance to challenge current featherweight champion José Aldo.

BCB will be live tweeting the event (#KoreanZombie) with observations on the skill, prowess, and pleasing homoeroticism of the fight. Since Cbruhs is only equipped to comment on the latter, she will be assisted by MMA aficionado Louie Gong with remarks that actually relate to the sport. Holla back at us @Bicoastalbitchn!

And although the plethora of versions (and legal battles) of the popular ‘Korean Zombie’ t-shirt could make your head spin, the Korean Zombie himself recommends you get one here.

First fights start at 8 pm EDT/5 pm PST on Fuel TV 3.

Thanks Ben and Louie!

BCB Twatter here


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